Best Shoes For Vet Techs


Best Shoes For Vet Techs

If you are a vet tech, you’ll know the importance of a good and comfortable pair of shoes that will allow you to stand all day without experiencing any pain in your knees, back or feet themselves. Choosing the incorrect footwear will not only cause discomfort but it could even prove to be a safety hazard when working in a potentially dangerous environment such as a veterinary office where the floors could be wet or slippery. 

You need footwear which can withstand the rigors of standing for extended periods and which can promote stability even on slippery surfaces. A pair of shoes that is easy to care for and clean is important in an environment which could potentially be messy however comfort is also of paramount importance. 

A shoe which is capable of supporting the arches and protecting feet from the shocks and impacts of walking all day is a good choice, and since the veterinary surgery can be a warm working environment, choosing a pair which is made from a breathable material will ensure that feet remain cool and comfortable, without any of the painful rubbing and blistering which can occur when feet become sweaty and moist. 

This will also reduce unpleasant odors which could arise from hot feet. Cushioned insoles are another welcome addition for vet techs who are on their feet all day, offering padding for the soles which will help to improve comfort for all day wear. If you are looking for the best shoes for vet techs, you will no doubt appreciate this collection of reviews of the top five performing pairs on the market today. We have compared all of their key features and specifications so that you can see at a glance which one is best for you and which best suits your individual requirements.

Sanita Men’s Pu Mule

Made from strong and practical polyurethane, these stylish clogs feature a hard plastic frame which is easy to wipe clean – perfect for vet techs who work in a messy environment. 

The synthetic outer soles are slip resistant to ensure excellent safety and impressive traction even when walking on the wet or slippery surfaces which are often encountered in the vet’s office. Also with its contoured design which has been specially designed to match the shape of the foot, these shoes offer impressive fit and comfort. 

The anatomically designed footbed features arch supports which helps to protect the feet from the problems associated with standing for long periods, helping to improve all day comfort of wear. The Danish Sanita brand has a long heritage of over 100 years in the industry and its products have been crafted to the highest standards using the highest quality materials for extra durability and a long useful lifespan.

Representing impressive value for money, these comfortable and cozy clogs have an attractive design and are made to innovating and exacting standards.


  • Anatomically designed footbed with arch supports
  • Polyurethane uppers and plastic frame for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Synthetic outer soles with non-slip grips for better traction on slippery surfaces


  • Quite a narrow toe box
  • Eventually the black color will fade with time

Birkenstock Alabama Leather Oxford

Birkenstock Alabama Leather Oxford is made from strong and durable leather to guarantee a long useful lifespan and impressive resilience when worn in a tough working environment, these practical yet stylish shoes are ideal for wear in a veterinary office. 

The rubber soles are easy to clean and maintain whilst also being shock absorbing to reduce impacts on the foot from long days of wear on hard surfaces. 

The footbed is made from the traditional Birkenstock suede lined latex and cork material for additional comfort and support for the foot ensuring that even when standing all day you will not experience any discomfort in your feet. 

The lace up design ensures an attractive appearance both in and out of the surgery while the laces give additional support to the front of the foot. 

Birkenstock footwear is synonymous with practicality, function and comfort, and this pair will not disappoint. The rubber outer soles are made from a textured and flexible material to move more naturally with the foot’s movement whilst also ensuring an excellent grip on all kinds of surfaces including those which are wet and slippery.


  • Flexible and textured rubber outer soles for excellent traction and natural movement with the foot
  • Comfortable, soft and attractive leather uppers for a stylish yet durable appearance
  • Suede lined cork and latex footbed for excellent all day comfort


  • The size runs a little large
  • Not available in different widths

Faranzi Men’s Professional Nonslip Comfort Work Black Shoe 

If you are looking for a pair of professional grade work shoes which you can wear both in and out of the veterinary office, these comfortable shoes from Faranzi are the perfect choice. With their attractive design, they are ideal for wear for all occasions, but are still durable enough to wear to work every day of the week. 

Designed specifically for improved safety and comfort, this footwear meets the highest levels of slip resistance to ensure optimal safety and stability when walking on all kinds of surfaces including those which are slippery and wet. 

The insoles are lightweight and have shock absorbing properties so that the impacts of walking on hard surfaces and standing all day are considerably lessened. 

As the insoles are also well cushioned they give extra support and comfort to the feet while the mid soles are flexible to move more naturally with the foot for comfort of wear all day long. As these shoes are also resistant to oil and water, they are a high quality and good value addition to your working wardrobe.


  • Lightweight shock absorbing soles for all day wear
  • Non-slip outer soles which meet highest standards of slip resistance
  • Resistant to both oil and water for extra versatility of wear


  • Not as easy to clean as footwear made from polyurethane
  • Lace up front means these shoes take longer to put on and take off

KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip On Work Shoe

KEEN is well known as a popular and high quality brand, especially when it comes to working footwear, and this pair of shoes will not disappoint. 

Made from high quality leather uppers, these shoes are impressively durable and boast a long lifespan while the convenient slip on design makes them quick and easy to put on and take off for ease of wear. 

The strong rubber sole meets the ASTM standards for slip resistance, ensuring that these shoes are perfect for wear in wet or slippery environments, offering optimal safety and stability. 

The medial side gore ensures excellent comfort as well as the best possible fit for each wearer’s individual foot while the KEEN.Cush PU and memory foam footbed in incredibly comfortable, cushioning the foot perfectly even when standing and walking all day long. 

As well as being slip resistant, the outer soles are also resistant to oil and are non marking for extra versatility. The EVA midsoles are compression molded and thanks to the water resistance of the leather uppers, these shoes can be easily cleaned and maintained.


  • Wipe clean, easy to maintain durable leather uppers
  • Convenient slip on design makes dressing and undressing a breeze
  • KEEN.Cush PU memory foam footbed for extra cushioning and comfort


  • Foot opening is quite tight, especially for those with wider feet
  • Could be painful for people with high arches due to the design

Dawgs Men’s Premium Working Dawgs

Dawgs Men’s Premium working shoes are fashionably designed and are perfect for vet techs who want to look stylish without compromising on practicality and function while in the workplace. 

The strong rubber soles are highly durable and will last a long time whilst also being non-marking. These outer soles also feature a tread design for better traction on all kinds of surfaces, including those which are slippery and wet. 

The ultra thick soles offer impressive arch support for all day comfort while the super lightweight materials make these shoes a breeze to wear for extended periods. 

The uppers are extremely easy to clean and maintain, and they are also odor resistant for extra practicality when in a potentially messy working environment. These Working Dawgs shoes also have cushioned insoles to offer optimal comfort for the feet and they can even work with orthotics to suit the needs of a wide range of workers.

  • Easy to clean, odor resistant materials
  • Ultra thick soles for better arch support
  • Highly durable slip resistant rubber soles


  • These shoes are not made from a breathable fabric and can be hot to wear
  • Can be noisy when walking on certain surfaces 

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