Best Work Boots For Diabetics


Best Work Boots For Diabetics

Diabetes is one of the most prominent causes of lower extremity amputations. When a person has diabetes, the circulation in their lower extremities becomes abnormal. When injuries occur to the feet and ankles, the healing process can take much longer. Even minor sores can cause major concern in diabetic patients.

Protecting the feet is crucial for any diabetic, but is especially important for those who spend long hours on their feet working in different environments. Without the best work boots for diabetics, people can begin to suffer from debilitating foot conditions that could adversely affect their health.

Choosing the best work boots for diabetics means finding one that offers full protection, support, and comfort. The design of the work boot must be taken into consideration to determine whether or not it will protect the wearer’s foot during long hours of work. Though a work boot does not have to be specifically made for diabetics, there are certain criteria it should offer, including:

• A wide work boot is crucial for giving plenty of room for the toes to move.
• Deep toe boxes protect the vulnerable toes of diabetics against damage.
• The insole should be seamless so no irritation is experienced.
• The work boot should feature antimicrobial and antibacterial inner protection.

Drew Shoes Men’s Pioneer Boot

Drew Shoes is a company that specializes in providing protective footwear for those who have diabetes and other health concerns. These boots offer twice the depth of normal work boots so they are considered one of the best work boots for diabetics. The double depth allows wearers plenty of room to move their toes and allow for air flow.

The foot bed of this work boot is made to help wearers avoid uncomfortable friction that could cause blistering and sores to develop on the feet. With these boots, diabetics can work for long periods of time on their feet without feeling fatigue in the ball or heel.

With the Drilex® liner, the wearer is protected with an antimicrobial shield that can help to prevent infections of the feet, such as athlete’s feet from occurring. This is crucial for diabetic patients who can develop major health concerns with the slightest infection.

APEX Ambulator Men’s Biomechanical 6-Inch Lace Up Work Boot

APEX is a division of Aetrex, offering the best in comfortable and protective footwear for those who need special shoes because of diabetes and other health conditions that affect the feet. This boot offers a superior level of comfort while providing the wearer with the supreme protection they need for the health of their feet.

The APEX Ambulator offers three different insoles that can be used together or removed for three times the depth of traditional work boots. These insoles offer protective therapy to the feet with ample cushioning in all of the typical stress zones.

With a double barrel collar, diabetics can rest assured they will have the full stability they need to avoid injuries while conducting a variety of types of work. The high and wide toe box offers plenty of room for the toes so they are not cramped and in pain.

PW Minor Men’s Atlas Boots

PW Minor is a shoe company focused on meeting the unique footwear needs of diabetics. With an emphasis on protecting and improving the health of the feet, they work to make the best work boots for diabetics. With extreme comfort and superior protection, the Atlas boot is perfect for diabetics who work in extreme conditions and need the ultimate in protection.

These wide work boots feature the perfect level of support and flexibility. The inner liners are made to wick moisture away from the feet so they stay dry and comfortable. The liners are also antimicrobial and antibacterial for supreme protection against fungal infections of the feet.

These boots can be worn with orthotics and the liners are removable for increased foot room. PW Minor’s Atlas boots fully protect the ankle and keep it steady for pain-free walking with less risk of injury. With a greater level of stability, diabetics can feel confident their feet are fully protected on any terrain.

Wolverine Men’s Harrison Work Boots

Wolverine work boots are designed to ensure wearers are fully protected and comfortable. Though Wolverine is not a shoe company that specializes in diabetic footwear, this boot offers all of the qualifications required by the Therapeutic Shoe Bill.

The liner of these boots is made to keep moisture away so fungal infections like Athlete’s Feet do not begin. With an air mesh lining, the feet receive the air circulation they need to stay dry and comfortable.

Wolverine’s Harrison boots offer a special coating on the outsole to provide stability through all types of terrain. These boots are available in a steel toe option that meets the stringent standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Dr Zen Big Ben Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Work Boot

Dr Zen is a company that is well known in podiatrist offices across the country because they offer superior footwear for those with diabetes or other foot concerns. The Big Ben’s work boot is listed among the best work boots for diabetics because they offer 3/8 extra depth for substantial toe room over traditional work boots.

These boots are able to offer superior protection, comfort and performance even under the most demanding of work environments. With a rubber outsole made for all types of terrain, diabetics can be assured they will be stable while working on their feet for hours.

The comfort insoles are meant to cradle the foot with three different insoles that can be removed for a customized fit. The Big Men’s Therapeutic work boot meets all of the qualifications set forth by the Therapeutic Foot Bill, offering all of the protection, support and comfort diabetics need, to keep their feet healthy and free from injury.


For diabetics, choosing the right work boot is crucial for the health and protection of their feet. A good work boot should be fully supportive and offer ample room so the wearer does not experience pain, discomfort and friction that can lead to foot injuries.

With the best work boots for diabetics, the feet can be cradled in protection while offering full stability and traction for all types of work environments. Research these work boots to see which brand will offer you the best benefits.


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