5 Best Work Boots For Flat Feet


5 Of the Best Work Boots For Flat Feet

Getting the right work boots for flat feet can be a bit tasking. This is because persons with flat feet need shoes with enough arch support, as well as enough foot room as they have much larger phalanges.

The structural design of the boot itself has to be considered as well, as any small twist in the same will render the boot uncomfortable and useless to these persons.

Under most circumstances, people with flat feet will go for loose yet bigger shoes. Although fitting, such shoes reduce the person’s performance and increases twisted ankle risks.

To curb these risks, shoe manufacturers and designers have taken the initiative of using orthopedic products to repair the condition, as well as make the shoes a lot more comfortable. If you have flat feet and are shopping for fitting, classy yet comfortable boots for work, consider the boots discussed below.

  1. Rothco Deployment Boots

These boots come with a military look and feel, but are greatly beneficial for persons with flat feet. To begin with, the Rothco Deployment Boots have enough toe space that helps accommodate ones phalanges.

The outsole is made of a strong but flexible rubber material, making them comfortable for people who spend most of their time on their feet and on hard floor.

These boots come with inbuilt Superfeet insoles for improved arch support and for preventing over pronation. Despite their size, they are lightweight and very durable, hence very convenient for flat feet.

  1. Caterpillar Diagnostic Steel Toe Waterproof Boots

These boots are suitable for cold as well as wet weather. They are made of an impervious leather that makes them waterproof. In addition to this, they come with a rugged rubber outsole for improved traction and stability.

These boots are specially designed with ‘ergo’ comfort for flat feet. The technology employs redistribution of body weight on the feet, hence reducing stress.

Moreover, they have added arch support from a cork material that takes ones foot shape. The Caterpillar Diagnostic Toe waterproof boots have a large toe box for accommodating extra-large feet, and are lightweight as well.

  1. Wolverine Buccaneer Contour Welt Boots

These boots are specially designed and built for enhanced flexibility and arch support. The orthopedic gel inserts helps take one’s foot form, thus increasing foot cushioning and comfort.

They are especially great for men who have to be on their feet for long hours, and those who have to walk out and about every day.

Moreover, the boots are built with pure leather, which greatly enhances their waterproofness. Persons who over pronate can greatly benefit from these boots considering the improved cork-arch support system.

  1. Wellington Georgia Boots

These are one of a kind boots that are designed for persons with large flat feet. They are mainly built with pure leather and rubber materials, which make the boots highly durable, flexible and waterproof.

The outsole is specially designed to improve one’s arch support, and to redistribute body weight across the entire feet. The high ankle leather boots are easily customizable and can be ‘cut down’ according to one’s preference.

In addition to this, the toe box is big enough to accommodate ones toes comfortably as well.

  1. Justin Double Comfort 4760 boots

The Justin Double Comfort boots are specially designed for people who over pronate, and with large flat feet. The boot is designed with a high ankle leather material, and fitted with orthopedic comforts for foot and ankle support.

The outsole is made of a durable and flexible rubber material, which also acts as a shock absorber especially if working on rugged or cold hard floor. The outsole is also trended for improved traction and stability. These boots come at a reasonable price, and can last for not less than 10 years.

You do not have to keep struggling with loose unfitting shoes any more. You can buy any of the above mentioned work boots, and never again will you complain of foot or back pains.


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