5 Best Logger Boots


5 Best Logger Boots

Logging can be an incredibly dangerous profession, even for seasoned veterans in the field, so wearing safety gear specifically designed for the job is an absolute must. Forests are seldom flat terrain; suitable trees for logging can grow on the sides of steep hills just as easily as on flat ground.

As most logging sites are in areas that see large amounts of rain and have deep layers of rich soil, workers must be able to keep steady footing in deep mud and steep inclines just as easily as on dry, level ground and be able to climb trees as needed without their boots failing them by tearing or allowing water and mud to get their feet wet

Traditional work boots can’t generally provide steady footing in forest terrain and hiking boots do not offer adequate protection against the hazards of logging, so loggers have no choice except getting the best logger boots to keep their feet safe, dry, and comfortable throughout a long day in the forest, and we will help them on this mission by reviewing the following five best boots for loggers that you can find on the market these days.

Socks that are damp from rain or sweat are not only uncomfortable, but can lead to painful blisters and grotesque fungal infections. With waterproof full-grain leather uppers and a moisture-wicking liner, the Quarry 2.0 Logger GTX by Danner will keep the weather and sweat out of the boot for comfortably dry feet throughout the work day. With cleat-like treads on the heels and balls of the boots and steel shanks within the polyurethane midsoles to aid stability, keeping steady on slick, soggy or muddy ground is a simple task.

  1.  Danner Quarry 2.0 Logger GTX Work Boot

Generously padded insoles cushion and support hard-working feet from the beginning to the end of the work day. Despite these boots weighing in at 5 pounds and 2 ounces, the Quarry Logger boots are often fully broken-in a week after being worn for the first time and protect without feeling bulky or heavy. Danner’s Quarry 2.0 Logger GTX boots boast an impressive 4.7 out of 5 aggregate rating and are only available in men’s sizes.

  1. Chippewa Men’s Super Logger Waterproof Boot

Although the most common hazards of a logging site involve falling trees or loose lumber, the heavy machinery used in logging operations can also, in rare cases, present an electrical hazard to loggers. With outsoles that resist abrasions, conducting electricity and slipping in wet as well as muddy conditions, the 9″ Waterproof Insulated Supper Logger boots by Chippewa protect against such rare happenings along with water entering the boots while working.

Four hundred grams of insulation and padded collars help keep feet warm in winter weather with a soft, moisture-wicking liner to keep feet from getting sweaty while working without making these 2 pound boots feel heavy on the wearer’s feet.

Ruggedly handsome leather uppers available in distressed brown or black cover the steel toe cap for stylish foot protection while the removable orthopedic insoles provide comfortable support throughout the day. Chippewa’s 9″ Waterproof Insulated Super Logger boots hold a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and are only available in men’s sizes.

  1. Chelsea Boots Leather Chukka Ankle Boots

Designed to ensure a worker’s safety in the most extreme of environments, the Chelsea Boots Leather Sole Caulk Boot with Tricouni Edge Nails goes above and beyond to deliver steady footing in any work situation without sacrificing classic style.

With four iron hobnails in each heel and six in each ball of the boot and a series of stainless steel caulks protruding from the oak outsoles, these boots are made to last for many years of keeping the wearer steady when walking or standing on even the slickest or muddiest ground. Full grain leather insoles and counters make for a longer break-in period, but will conform to the wearer’s foot for premium comfort once the boots are fully broken in.

The water buffalo leather uppers with seams that won’t snag on thorny underbrush are outfitted with weatherproof brass hardware to keep laces securely holding the boot on the wearer’s feet. Chelsea Boots Leather Sole Caulk Boots With Tricouni Edge Nails are highly rated among customers and are only available in men’s sizes.

  1. Justin Original Men’s Jmax Logger Steel Toed Work Boots

Outsoles that last for years are a valuable asset on any pair of boots, but loggers also require a boot that allows their foot a full range of movement when walking or scaling a tree. The Jmax Logger Steel Toed Work Boots by Justin boasts a tough outsole with treads that firmly grip nearly any surface with the flexibility of an athletic shoe.

Steel shanks aid in keeping the wearer stable on uneven surfaces while the removable gel insoles keep feet comfortable through the work day. When the day is over, these boots come off easily with the help of the back pull tab and are just as easy to put on the next morning.

Earth brown leather uppers combined with a waterproof liner keep the elements out while looking right at home in the elements for boots that look just as good on the job as out and about. Justin’s Logger boots have an aggregate rating of 4.6 out of 5 and are only available in men’s sizes.

  1. Irish Setter 83808 8″ Steel Toe Waterproof Logger Boot

One drawback to boots with tall shafts is that the collars of the boots can chafe against the wearer’s calves. Padded collars and tongues on the 83808 8″ Steel Toe Waterproof Logger boots by Irish Setter help to prevent this problem while adding extra comfort and warmth to the boot without the need for insulation that would weigh down these 2 pound, 13 ounce boots.

Steel shanks and sturdy slip, oil, and electrical current resistant outsoles provide stable footing on unstable or slick ground while the waterproof, moisture-wicking liner keeps feet dry no matter how wet the job site is while the polyurethane insoles keep feet comfortable throughout the work day.

Distressed chocolate brown full-grain leather uppers are seam-sealed to further waterproof the boots and will also turn heads if worn while going into town or popping into the boss’ office. Irish Setter’s 83808 8″ Steel Toe Waterproof Logger boots hold a 4.4 out of 5 rating and are only available in men’s sizes.


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