Best Work Boots For Truck Drivers

People who only drive cars are probably unaware of the wide variety of challenges which truck drivers face on a daily basis. For example, they are probably surprised that truck drivers end up with sore and tired feet at the end of the day after spending hours driving and handling cargo exchanges. 

Although most people tend to think that truck drivers spend all day sitting down behind the wheel, in fact they move around a surprising amount when you bear in mind that they are picking up and dropping off boxes, climbing up to the high cabin and lifting heavy parts. Not only that, but of course their feet are also constantly pressing on the brake and gas pedal hour after hour during every trip. 

All of this means that truck drivers are in great need of a pair of sturdy and structured work boots to facilitate safe driving. Although taking care with safety precautions can keep to ensure that truck drivers' feet remain safe and protected, choosing the right pair of work boots can also go a long way towards ensuring that their feet are protected on the job. 

In fact, often there are regulations which require truck drivers to be equipped with proper footwear while working at all times, and failure to comply could even lead to a fine from their employer. So, what features should you look for in the best work boots for truck drivers?


One of the worst things that you can do when driving a truck is wear a pair of boots without adequate support. A pair of solid work boots are an ideal choice since they not only allow truck drivers to load and unload cargo without incurring an injury, but they also enable better control of the vehicle.


For the best possible value for money, it makes sense to choose a pair of boots that has been well designed and which offers the robustness necessary for a long lifespan. Durable footwear will be able to withstand wear and tear whatever tasks lie ahead on the road.


Truck drivers are expected to load and unload their cargo and to have rest stops in all kinds of weather conditions, and therefore choosing a pair of waterproofed boots is a good idea if you want to avoid having wet and uncomfortable feet.


When controlling a large, heavy vehicle, you don't want to run the risk of your feet slipping off the pedals and losing control at a key moment. A pair of boots with non-slip soles will help to gain traction on the gas and brake pedals so that you don't need to worry about slipping.


Pressing the pedals all day long can be tiring for the feet, so choosing a pair of boots with adequate cushioning for the sole of the foot makes sense. A comfortable footbed will go a long way towards ensuring that your feet do not become excessively sore over the course of the working day.

Timberland boots are well known for their high quality and excellent construction. The rubber outer soles of this footwear is not only impressively durable, making them ideally suited for heavy duty use, but they also supply excellent traction thanks to their non-slip properties.

This ensures that the feet will not slip off the pedals during driving as well as ensuring that the wearer will not accidentally slip or fall while unloading cargo on wet or slippery surfaces.

As they are made from a waterproof robust leather, the feet will remain dry in all kinds of weather conditions. These boots also feature a steel safety toe to protect the front of the foot and toes from any drops or accidental impacts for extra protection. 

After long hours of driving in the cab, feet can often become hot and sweaty, especially when driving in warm weather conditions, however these boots also feature a mesh lining treated with an anti-microbial treatment and this means that odor will be eliminated and sweat reduced so that feet remain dry, comfortable and odor free. The special structure of these boots also helps to eliminate foot pain thanks to the cushioning to the ball area and the added arch support. The footbed diffusion plate also disperses pressure evenly when lifting heavy cargo items.

  • Anti-microbial treated mesh lining for reduced sweat and odor
  • Waterproof leather uppers for wear in all weather conditions
  • Non-slip durable rubber soles for optimal traction on slippery or wet surfaces
  • These boots run quite narrow and are not ideal for drivers with wider feet
  • Quite heavy to wear for extended periods

These affordable work boots do not compromise on quality and are durable enough to last for many years. The outer soles are made from a lightweight rubber which is resistant to oil.

 This will ensure that water is kept out of the boots for optimal dryness. Also the steel shank foot board ensures excellent stability and sturdiness as well as improving comfort and safety. 

The laced up design ensures support for the front of the foot and the ankle while driving for long hours and the style is attractive enough to wear at any time, both in and out of the cab. 

Comfortable from straight out of the box, these boots also feature a breathable mesh lining as well as a pig skin collar, both of which are ideal for keeping the feet warm and cozy during winter work shifts. 

The Goodyear welt construction ensures a long lifespan and suitability for heavy duty applications and the cushioned insoles are removable to suit the wearer's preference.

  • Steel shank foot board for extra sturdiness and stability
  • Pig skin collar and breathable mesh lining keeps the feet warm during cold weather
  • Goodyear welt construction ensures a long lifespan and excellent durability

  • Have a larger than average fit
  • Sole feels quite stiff

Durable and high quality, these boots are not only affordable but are also surprisingly fashionable, especially for a pair of work footwear. Made from a premium quality leather felt, these boots are very easy to wear, and the back loop makes them easier than ever to pull on and take off. 

Thanks to the speed hooks, they are quick to put on and can be securely laced to offer additional support and security to the foot during long days behind the wheel. 

They are made with a tough Goodyear welt construction and are able to be resoled to offer even greater long term value for money and to guarantee a longer lifespan. 

The three month manufacturer's guarantee gives the user extra peace of mind and the rubber soles are slip resistant to ensure that the wearer's feet have a good grip on the pedals. The insole is also well cushioned
but can be removed to suit the wearer's preferences.

  • Slip resistant rubber outer soles for excellent traction
  • Speed lacing system for quick dressing and undressing
  • Tough Goodyear welt construction for durability and a long lifespan

  • Larger than average fit
  • Shoe laces that are supplied wear out very quickly.

Caterpillar are well known for their quality work boots, and this pair will not disappoint. Comfortable enough to wear for extended periods, these boots feature a Climasphere lining which has been designed to prevent the problem of hot, sweaty and uncomfortable feet during a long day in the cab. 

Regulating the boot's internal temperature, this lining protects against moisture and the sweat that can cause rubbing and blisters by wicking moisture away. 

The full leather, oiled uppers are resilient to any scrapes and scuffs for a stylish appearance while the insole is contoured to the shape of the foot for extra comfort and can be removed to suit the wearer's preferences. 

The sole is abrasion and slip resistant for excellent traction on the vehicle's pedals and the two speed hook lacing system ensures speed of wear. These versatile boots also feature a steel safety toe and are electrical hazard rated.

  • Versatile thanks to their electrical hazard rating and steel safety toe
  • Oiled full leather uppers that are resilient to scuffs and scrapes
  • Climasphere moisture wicking lining protects against sweat and blisters

  • Pull tab at the rear may catch on tight trousers or jeans when dressing
  • Can take a while to break these boots in

These Irish Setter boots feature a stylish, classic design that looks great but also ensures that your feet remain comfortable and secure throughout your working day behind the wheel. The modern materials used are durable enough to last for many years, and the full grain leather uppers are resilient and visually appealing. 

The Moc toe style features triple stitching for extra durability and a longer lifespan, and the eyelets are made from durable metal for extra robustness and sturdiness when lacing up these boots. 

The collar has been well padded to offer extra comfort and support for the ankle while the integrated rear pull loop allow for easier and quicker wear. The rubber EVA traction Tred outer sole ensures an excellent grip on all kinds of surfaces and ensures that your feet will not slip off the pedal.

  • Traction Tred rubber EVA outer soles for excellent grip on the pedals
  • Moc toe with Goodyear Welt construction and trip stitching for extra durability
  • Padded collar for extra support and comfort

  • Boot may stretch over time
  • Do not have a safety toe

Made from genuine leather, these boots are very comfortable to wear and have been designed to high specifications. 

Stylish enough to wear both in the cab and out on social occasions, these attractive boots are entirely waterproof so they can be worn outdoors in all weathers and when loading and unloading cargo on wet surfaces without any water ingress into the boot. 

The front is a traditional lace up style offering excellent support to the front of the foot and the ankle, while the collar has been well padded to ensure optimal comfort of wear. 

The insoles are lightly padded to offer extra comfort to the foot during a long day of pressing the gas and brake pedals and as these are also available in a wider fit, they are perfect for truck drivers with wider than average feet who want to ensure that their feet have plenty of space to move. The rubber soles are resilient and offer a good grip on the pedals, making these boots a good and safe choice.

  • Rubber soles with excellent grip on the pedals
  • Padded collar and lace up style for support and comfort
  • Waterproof leather uppers to protect the feet

  • These boots take a long time to wear in
  • Quite heavy to wear for extended periods

Ideal for truck drivers who are responsible for loading and unloading cargo, these resilient work boots have an ASTM rated steel toe to offer ultimate protection to the front of the foot against accidental impacts. 

Built to withstand even the toughest working environment, these boots are made from genuine oil tanned leather uppers for excellent quality and comfort. 

The lining is made from a moisture wicking breathable fabric to guard against sweat and heat building up over a long day in the cab, and the tongue and collar are both well padded for additional support and comfort. 

The midsoles feature polyurethane cushioning for added comfort and the outer soles are made from durable rubber while also featuring open edge mud release lugs
to give optimal traction on slippery and wet surfaces as
well as on your truck's pedals. 

The reinforced steel shank adds extra support for the foot and as these boots are also
electrical hazard rated they are very versatile.

  • Electrical hazard rated
  • Steel toe ensures protection against accidental impacts
  • Moisture wicking breathable lining for better comfort and sweat reduction

  • The uppers are less durable than some rival pairs
  • More time consuming to take on and off than some other types of boot

When you are looking for a pair of boots that are suitable for long days in the truck cab but can also be worn easily with jeans when going out casually, the Wolverine Men's Moc-Toe 6" work boot is the perfect choice. 

The stylish uppers are made from real full grain leather for excellent durability without compromising on visual appeal. 

The Goodyear welt construction ensures sturdiness, flexibility and a long lifespan while the full cushion footbed offers excellent support and comfort for the bottom of the foot while also being removable to suit the preference of the wearer. 

The midsoles are made from rubber and the lightweight nylon shank has been specifically designed to combat fatigue. 

These boots are reliable and tough, making them a good choice when loading and unloading cargo as well as when driving for long periods. The excellent sole tread is perfect for wear on all types of surface and have been treated to be abrasion, water and oil resistant.

  • Abrasion, oil and water resistant soles
  • Goodyear welt construction and full grain leather uppers for excellent durability and flexibility 
  • Full cushioned footbed for support and comfort

  • The fit runs larger than average
  • May lack arch support for those with higher arches

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