Best Riding Boots For Skinny Calves

While people with bigger legs might think that they struggle to find a pair of well fitting boots, if you have narrow calves you will have an equally hard time. Riding boots may be fashionable for both men and women, however it can be a challenge to find a pair that work for you if your calves are particularly skinny. 

A pair of boots that fits snugly on another person may look oversized on your thin legs and you run the risk of ruining the look of your entire outfit. Not only that, but a pair of riding boots that are too large for the width of your calves can cause rubbing or chafing that may not only be uncomfortable but which could actually cause long term problems. 

The best riding boots for skinny calves are those which come in multiple leg width sizes or which have an adjustable fastening system which allows for easy alterations to suit the width of each wearer's leg. If you need to find a good quality pair of fashionable or practical riding boots, our reviews of the top three pairs for both men and women will help you to make an informed purchasing decision.

Men’s Boots:

If you are looking for a pair of stylish riding boots for men, this pair from Justin are a great choice. Their distressed leather uppers are good looking yet durable and practical for everyday wear and the 11 inch shaft is long enough to maintain a fashionable appearance. 

The lining is made from genuine high quality leather for a better finish and the single stitched welt ensures a longer life span. These boots feature a square toe profile for a fashionable look and better comfort for the toes, especially when worn for long periods. Justin boots have a long history and are known for their excellent quality. 

They also feature a company patented J-Flex Comfort System which ensures that you will experience the ultimate in comfort no matter how long your wear these boots for. They move naturally with the bend of the foot and offer excellent support for the foot, arch and ankle.


  • J-Flex Comfort System ensures optimal flexibility and comfort as well as impressive support
  • Single stitched welt for durability and a long lifespan
  • High quality leather uppers have a distressed finish for extra style

  • Can be difficult to pull on and take off
  • The color doesn't match the advertised shade completely

If you have skinny calves, you will appreciate the style and quality available when you choose Ferrini's Renegade boots. This fashionable footwear has been crafted by hand for true perfection and a quality finish. Made from the highest grade genuine natural leather, these boots feature a practical yet comfortable low roper heel together with a square toe for added style. 

Each pair of boots features a pair of leather high quality outer soles to give improved durability and a longer lifespan together with excellent traction on all kinds of surfaces. 

An added feature of these boots which helps to improve comfort of wear all day long is the orthopedic cushioned footbed which offers excellent support and padding for the foot so that it can experience the best in comfort no matter how long these boots are worn. They come in an appealing brown color that works well with both casual and smart clothing.

  • Made from high grade genuine leather uppers for quality and style
  • Orthopedic cushioned footbed for better support and impressive foot comfort
  • High quality leather outer soles for durability and excellent traction on all surfaces

  • Patterned design may be too dramatic for the tastes of some wearers

If you are looking for a stylish pair of genuine leather riding boots for men that are suitable for wear for all occasions including formal events, these boots from Zorgen are the perfect choice. 

Made from high quality genuine leather, these boots are stylish and infinitely durable with a long useful lifespan. Featuring a zippered opening, these boots are very easy to pull on and take off and thanks to the rounded toe, they are very comfortable to wear all day long without crushing even wider feet. 

The pig leather lining is soft and flexible, conforming beautifully to the shape of the foot while the outer soles are made from quality strong rubber for extra robustness and impressive traction on all types of surface. Not only that, but these boots are also breathable to allow for better air circulation around the foot. 

This not only reduces the moisture which can build up from sweating to cause rubbing and blisters but also reduces the unpleasant odors that can occur over time. Not only are these boots ideal for wear to parties or other dress events, but they can also actually be worn for riding too. 

  • Quality strong rubber outer soles for excellent durability and traction on all surfaces
  • Zippered opening allows for easy pulling on and taking off
  • Pig leather lining for softness, comfort and flexibility 

  • Run one size larger, so the buyer must be careful to choose 1 size smaller than they normally wear

Women’s Boots:

It can be difficult to find a stylish and fashionable pair of riding boots for women who have narrower calves, however this pair from Justin fit the bill perfectly. The Saddle Torino boots have a unique and attractive appearance thanks to their traditional country-style design. 

The foot is made from smooth high quality genuine leather and the shaft has been beautifully decorated with fancy stitching. The 13 inch shaft also features an appealing fancy scalloped collar for extra visual appeal. These boots feature a soft and flexible leather lining as well as a single stitched well for better robustness and a longer lifespan. 

They also feature straps to allow for ease of pulling on and taking off and for speedier dressing and undressing. The toe profile is very fashionable for an up to date look. 

These boots also feature the manufacturer's proprietary J-Flex Comfort System which ensures excellent flexibility and comfort for all day wear. Not only that, but the memory foam midsoles ensure even better comfort and support for the soles of the feet all day long. 

  • Memory foam midsoles ensure excellent support and comfort for the feet all day long
  • Single stitched welt for better durability and long lifespan
  • Uppers are made from smooth quality leather with attractive Western style stitching 

  • Difficult to pull on and take off

Made from high quality full grain leather, the uppers of these stylish ladies boots from Durango are attractive and fashionable. 

They feature beautiful traditional Western style embroidery for the classic country look as well as a mesh lining that is not only soft but which also allows for excellent air flow around the feet to reduce unpleasant sweat odors and to cut down on the uncomfortable moisture which can result in blisters and chafing. 

The cushion flex insoles move naturally with the foot and ensure excellent padding and support for the sole of the foot, whatever kind of surface the wearer is traversing while the shank is made from tempered steel for extra support and stability for the foot. 

The outer soles are made from strong rubber and these boots also feature a smooth filigree finish. The heel measures 2 2/3 inches while the toe is narrow yet square to allow for adequate room for the feet.

  • The traditional Western style stitching is attractive and eye catching
  • Soft mesh lining allows for excellent breathability and air flow around the foot
  • Tempered steel shank for extra support and stability

  • Toe is quite narrow and may be uncomfortable for those with wider feet

These low heeled riding boots feature a narrower than average calf, especially in the smaller sizes. The two tone design is stylish and fashionable and ensures that these boots work well with a wide range of outfits, both casual and formal. 

These classically designed riding boots feature a rounded toe which ensures adequate room even for wider feet and the heel has a solid block design for extra comfort and better stability while walking on all kinds of surfaces. 

The cuffed top line has been designed for trousers to be tucked in to meet with contemporary fashion.

  • Low solid block design heel for extra stability and comfort of wear
  • Cuffed top line for stylish tucked-in wear
  • Stylish rounded toe allows extra room for wider feet

  • The heels are quite a tight fit
  • The calf width is wider for larger sizes, meaning that those with bigger feet may find them too wide 

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