Best Rain Boots For Wide Calves

Having big calves can be a major problem when it comes to choosing a pair of longer length boots. Protecting your feet and legs from wind, rain and mud is very important, especially if you plan on spending a long time outdoors in harsh weather conditions, however finding a pair of rain boots which can accommodate large calves can always be a challenge. 

If you find it difficult to find footwear that fits your lower legs, you will need to find boots that have been specifically designed for those with a wider calf. Adjustable ties or straps ensure that you can obtain a comfortable fit, while those that are made from a stretch material are easily able to fit any size of leg. 

When choosing any rain boots, you should also look for footwear which is made from waterproof rubber or neoprene to ensure that no water or mud enters the boots to cause discomfort. If you are looking for the best rain boots for wide calves, we have outlined three of the top performing pairs on the market for both men and women so that you can easily compare their features and determine which is the perfect footwear for you.

Men’s Boots:

Any man looking for a comfortable and wide fitting rain boot that accommodates their large or muscular calves will benefit from choosing the Original MuckBoots. 

Featuring a strong and durable rubber sole, these boots ensure excellent traction on all kinds of surfaces while guaranteeing that no water will be able to get through to soak the feet. 

The 12 inch shaft is long enough to offer optimal protection from dirt and water for the lower legs but thanks to the stretch-fit topline these boots can fit even wider calves comfortably. 

The toes and heels have been reinforced for a longer lifespan and extra robustness even in harsh weather conditions and the steel shank ensures optimal support for the arches while improving stability when walking on all kinds of surfaces. 

The wider heel also adds additional stability as well as better comfort so working outdoors is a breeze and the wearer can stand or bend all day long without experiencing any pain or discomfort. 

These long lasting boots are completely waterproof and the air mesh
breathable lining allows for an excellent air flow to reduce moisture
and heat around the foot.

  • Wide heel for better stability
  • Stretch-fit nylon topline to accommodate wider legs
  • Reinforced toes and heels for better protection and greater durability

  • Soles may squeak when walking
  • The sizing runs quite large

When you need to find a pair of comfortable, high quality rain boots which are suited to men with wider calves, it would be difficult to find a better known brand than Hunter. 

These rain boots are ideal for wear on both urban and rural terrain, and the handcrafted design is versatile yet stylish thanks to the semi matte finish on the durable rubber uppers. These boots are completely waterproof to effectively protect the feet in all kinds of weather and on muddy terrain. 

The pull on design is quick and convenient to wear while the side gusset has been designed to be adjustable so each wearer can achieve the perfect fit to suit their legs for optimal comfort. 

The footbed is well cushioned to support the sole of the foot and to ensure complete comfort throughout wear while the outer soles are made from durable rubber for excellent traction and great resilience.

  • Adjustable side gusset ensures that wearers can find the perfect fit
  • Pull on design for ease and convenience
  • Cushioned footbed for better comfort

  • Very expensive when compared to many of its rivals

When only a durable and resilient pair of waterproof rain boots will do, these men's rubber boots from LaCrosse are ideal. Made from handcrafted all natural rubber, these boots guard effectively against cold, wind, rain and mud while offering uncompromising odor free protection. 

The design has been created especially to contour to the ankle in order to prevent any painful heel slippage during wear while the adjustable strap and back gusset ensures that even wider calves can be comfortably accommodated, allowing wearers to find the perfect fit for them. 

Featuring 800g Thinsulate ultra insulation, these boots offer excellent warmth in cold weather and as they are resistant to abrasion and tears, they will last a very long time. 

The rubber Air Grip outer soles are robust and deliver impressive traction on loose terrain and
in snow and mud while the fiberglass shank is lightweight while ensuring excellent stability when walking. 
  • 800g Thinsulate ultra insulation to keep feet warm in cold weather
  • Contoured ankle-fit design to avoid slippage and chafing
  • Adjustable back strap and gusset to accommodate wider calves

  • Can be difficult to pull off after wear

Women’s Boots:

The widest fitting American rubber boots brand, these wellingtons from Jileon are durable and made from high quality waterproof rubber for excellent durability and impressive performance in wet and muddy conditions. 

Stylish and colorful while still being built to last a long time, these boots have specifically been designed for ladies with larger calves of up to 18" in circumference. 

Perfect for those who also have wider feet, these comfortable boots come protected by a manufacturer's 12 month warranty for complete peace of mind for the purchaser. 

The fleece lining ensures complete comfort of wear, while also ensuring that the feet remain extremely warm even during cold winter weather. 

The durable rubber soles offer excellent traction on wet and slippery surfaces while these boots are available in a selection of colors and styles to suit all preferences.
  • Stylish uppers come in a choice of colors and patterns for extra visual appeal
  • 12 month manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind
  • Fleece lining for added comfort and warmth during cold weather 

  • Fit runs rather large, especially for those with a calf of around 15-16 inches
  • Ankles are too roomy for those with muscular calves and slim ankles

For any lady who require a wider fit for their calf but who still wants a pair of attractive and feminine rain boots that fit perfectly, this footwear from Western Chief is a suitable option. 

Designed to be stylish and an appealing addition to any lady's wardrobe, these floral boots have an attractive print as well as a back gusset which can be quickly and easily adjusted for the ideal fit, even for those with wider calves. 

The cotton lining is moisture absorbent to protect against sweat and bad odors and the foot width is also wider than average to suit the needs of those who require a little more space for their foot's comfort. 

The soles are made from strong and durable rubber for excellent traction on wet and slippery surfaces and will last a long time thanks to their robust finish. 

  • Feminine and stylish floral design 
  • Moisture absorbent cotton lining for better comfort and sweat reduction
  • Rubber soles with excellent traction

  • Quite heavy to wear when compared with similar pairs

These longer length tall rain boots are suited to ladies with thicker calves who still want to be able to go out in all weathers without having to worry about mud and rain ingress. 

Made from durable and robust rubber, these boots feature a buckle and gusset to allow for adjustments for wider legs and the cozy lining allows keeps the feet warm and comfortable in all weather conditions. There is also a convenient back pull loop which ensures that the wearer can quickly and easily pull this footwear on and off. 

Although the calf is cut wide, the foot has only a medium width making these a great choice for those who have wider legs but narrower feet. The design is also stylish and appealing, ensuring that not only will your feet stay warm and dry but they will also be fashionable too. 
  • Buckle and gusset allows for adjustments to fit every width of leg
  • Cozy lining for warm and comfortable feet
  • Back pull loop for ease of wear and dressing


  • Medium width foot may be too narrow for those who require a wider foot fit 

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