Best Wading Boots For Slippery Rocks

When you're a keen fisherman, choosing the right footwear will go a surprisingly long way towards improving your catch and giving you an altogether more enjoyable experience. Crossing slippery rocks can be very dangerous and so to limit your risk of slipping and falling, you should choose the right type of boots to help you to gain an optimal attraction on the hazardous surface. 

Some of the best wading boots for slippery rocks are those which have felt soles, as this material is known for offering the best possible grip on slippery and wet surfaces. If you are likely to be spending a lot of time crossing slime covered flat and round rocks, you should choose a quality pair of felt soled boots to keep you safe and stable. 

You should also consider choosing a pair that have metal eyelets instead of lace or fabric based loops since these are more prone to wearing through quickly, reducing their lifespan. If you are looking for a good quality pair of wading boots to wear on your next fishing venture, take a look at our selection of the top five performing pairs on the market today. We have outlined all of the key features so that you can make an informed decision.

These quality river wading boots have felt soles to offer optimal traction on even the slipperiest rocks and river bottoms. 

These durable boots are wider than average in order to accommodate stockingfoot wading booties and feature speed laced uppers to allow the wearer to quickly and easily take them off and put them on for extra convenience. 

The heel and toe boxes are made from premium materials and are extremely robust and rugged for a long lifespan while the EVA midsoles are lightweight for extra flexibility and comfort. 

The collar and tongue feature plenty of padding for extra support and comfort to the top of the foot and ankle during wear and the integrated pull on heel strap makes it even easier to put these boots on.

  • Padded collar and tongue to offer excellent stability, support and comfort to the ankle
  • Lightweight EVA midsoles for flexibility and added comfort of wear
  • Wider than average design to accommodate stockingfoot wader booties

  • More expensive than some of their competitors

Korkers Greenback Wading Boot with Felt Sole

These well designed wading boots have a durable fabric and leather construction for long lasting ruggedness. The best feature of these boots is their innovative felt sole which features an OmniTrax Interchangeable sole system which allows the wearer to adapt their traction to suit any ground conditions that you are likely to be crossing including the slippiest rocks. 

These technologically advanced boots are also constructed using hydrophobic materials which ensures a more rapid drying time in order to reduce the chances of spreading any invasive species between bodies of water. 

These durable boots have cemented parts for a longer lifespan as well as strategically placed seam locations for extra strength.

Also the internal drainage system allows the water to flow through internal channels before being drained out through the midsole ports to remove all excess water and weight. This wading boots also feature a traditional lace closure system with sturdy web loops. Pack with features, these boots are still very affordable and will last for a long time.

  • OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System enables the wearer to achieve optimal traction on all types of surface
  • Hydrophobic materials used in construction to dry more rapidly
  • Strategically placed seams for extra strength and durability

  • Web loops are made from fabric webbing and may eventually become damaged

These quality wading boots from Chota Outdoor Gear feature genuine durable leather uppers for an even more enhanced design and style without compromising on durability or function. 

The cushioned midsoles enable the wearer to walk all day long across all kinds of surfaces without experiencing any discomfort, and the rapid single pull lacing system ensures convenience of wear as well as swift and simple putting on and taking off. 

The molded heel counter has been designed to improve support for the foot and its distinctive kick off plate ensures an even higher level of performance. 

The felt sole is made from dark grey polypropylene and its cleat receptacles help to guard against accidental slips and falls on slippery surfaces and moss covered rocks, ensuring optimal sturdiness and stability for the foot. 

These boots also come complete with 28 cleats for even better value for money. The STL "Plus" boot also features a large unique micro-screen port feature to allow for speedy complete drainage of water while ensuring that all debris, gravel and sand is blocked out. These economically priced boots are a great choice for any fisherman.

  • Single pull lacing system for speedy wear
  • Cleat receptacles help to protect against any accidental falls and slips
  • Micro-screen port allows for complete water drainage while filtering out sand, gravel and debris

  • Can be difficult to pull these tightly enough to a narrow foot
  • Cleats require a hex nut driver to fix into place

These rapid drying wading boots from Hodgman are made from a hydrophobic material to ensure speedy drying and to protect more effectively against the transference of any invasive species between rivers and streams. 

The upper construction has been designed to be extremely resistant to abrasion - ideal when crossing rocky surfaces frequently, and the reinforced toe ensures optimal protection not only for the feet themselves but also from excessive wear and tear. 

The collar and tongue have been well padded in order to offer excellent support for the front of the foot and the ankle and to improve the comfort of wear. 

The D ring gravel guard attachment point is extremely convenient while the mesh drainage ports to the side panel allow for efficient water drainage to reduce excess weight and water. Whatever kind of terrain you are crossing, you can be guaranteed of excellent traction thanks to the felt soles and the EVA midsoles are shock absorbing to provide extra comfort and protection for the foot.

  • Hydrophobic materials ensure rapid drying
  • EVA shock absorbing midsoles for better protection and comfort
  • Mesh drainage ports to cut down on water weight

  • These boots run slightly small when compared to similar styles

These wading boots from the well known and popular Caddis brand are extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods and feature a speed lacing system to allow for quick and simple dressing and undressing as well as ultimate convenience. 

The insoles are well cushioned to provide optimal support and comfort for the foot and the toe and heel have both been well reinforced to protect the foot as well as to guard against excessive wear and tear. 

These are the ideal boots to wear in all kinds of conditions thanks to the excellent traction on gravel river bottoms and mossy rocks and the polyester outers are made from high quality durable materials for a long lifespan. 

These are the ideal wading boots to wear in conjunction with Caddis brand wading booties and come protected by a one year manufacturer's warranty for complete peace 
of mind for the purchaser.

  • Reinforced heel and toe for better protection against impacts and wear and tear
  • One year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind
  • Cushioned insoles for extra support and comfort

  • These boots have a fit that may be too narrow for wide-footed fishermen
  • Toes point upwards at a slight angle which could be uncomfortable for some wearers

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