Best Waders For Surf Fishing

If you love getting out in the great outdoors and enjoying a spot of surf fishing, you need to be sure that you've chosen the correct pair of waders to pursue your favorite pastime. The wrong pair could leave your body and legs soaked, either from the water which leaks through them or merely because they are made from a non-breathable material which causes uncomfortable sweating. 

The best waders for surf fishing are those that effective prevent the ingress of water while wicking sweat away at the same time to leave the wearer comfortable and dry. The best quality waders will also be non-bulky to allow the wearer a good range of free motion, but nevertheless will be tough enough to survive scraping against any plant growths or rocks along the edge of the water intact. 

The most effective waders for surf fishing will also be able to keep the wearer warm on colder days and will have attached boots so there is no need about purchasing a separate pair of booties to protect the feet while surf fishing. We have compiled a selection of the top five rated waders for surf fishing on the market today so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

If you're looking for a great pair of waders with no need to purchase boots separately, this pair from Toggs is the perfect choice. The high backed design is snug fitting to the body to keep out water, even when wader in greater depths. These waders are ideal for surf fishing as they are made from a thick neoprene which measures 3.5 mm. 

This makes these very robust and durable enough to enjoy a long lifespan while the knees have reinforced pads to protect the legs and to offer even greater resilience to damage. The flexible material allows for more natural body movement when bending to bait hooks or landing a catch. 

The bib style design also features suspenders made from quality neoprene that features a hook and loop adjustment system to ensure the perfect customized fit for each wearer. 

These waders also feature a hand warmer pocket with fleece lining which makes them ideal for wear early in the season. The thing that makes these boots really stand out is the attached boots which are lined with a Thinsulate 200g insulation to keep the feet wonderfully warm without the need for thick socks. The boots also have cleated chain track outer soles to give optimal traction on surfaces such as gravel and loose sand.

  • Integrated booties with insulation and cleated soles
  • Flexible material for more natural body movements
  • Reinforced knee pads

  • These waders don't come with a belt
  • Velcro fastened shoulder straps are not as secure as a buckled set

These waders from Redington are manufactured from 3 layers of DWR coated polyester to ensure the ultimate in leak proof protection while wading in deep water. The multi layered construction ensures that the wearer remains comfortable and warm while the waders remain impressively lightweight and thin. 

These waders are perfect for surf fishing during the early spring or late autumn season. The multi layer construction ensures that these waders are durable enough to cope with scrapes and bumps on rocks and the integrated booties are manufactured from high density neoprene together with a neoprene hook and gravel guard. This ensures that they fit perfectly with all types of wading boots while ensuring that the wearer's feet stay warm and dry. 

The shoulder strap system is also well designed with integrated belt loops and opposing buckles to allow for easy adjustment of the height of the waist for a customized fit for every wearer. Another excellent feature is the chest pocket which flips out and has drain holes together with a YKK zipper. This ensures a safe and dry place for storing small accessories or keys.

  • Made from 3 layers of DWR coated polyester for extra durability and protection from leaks
  • Integrated neoprene booties with gravel guard and neoprene hook
  • Well designed shoulder strap system for easy adjustment

  • Not insulated so not ideal for winter wear
  • Not many pockets

This high quality pair of surf fishing waders from Adamsbuilt are made from premium microfiber together with a breathable waterproof membrane that allows for wicking of moisture and protection from leaks. 

For added durability, the seat and knees have been well reinforced with an extra 4 layers of material to ensure ruggedness and functionality when surf fishing both along rocky shorelines and in the sand. The reinforcement also guarantees a long lifespan. 

Another feature of these waders is the safety belt and adjustable suspenders which enable a customized fit while the quick release buckle ensures speedy dressing and undressing as well as ease of wear. 

The integrated booties feature neoprene feet together with gravel guards and hooks that work perfectly with all kinds of wading boot. These waders also feature a safe inside pocket for holding valuables and accessories away from the water. The chest pocket is also lined to warm the hands, making them a good choice for wear during the colder season.

  • Lined hand warming pocket on the chest
  • Safety belt and adjustable suspenders for a customized fit
  • Seat and knees are reinforced for a long lifespan

  • Can be difficult to choose the right size
  • Boots need to be purchased separately

The Caddis waders are a great choice for surf fishing due to their polyester outer shell which is robust and durable. They also feature CaddisDry technology which ensures that water is kept out while perspiration is effectively wicked away for better wearer comfort. These waders keep you dry, comfortable and warm no matter what the weather conditions or the activity of the surf. 

The booties are made from neoprene which has been glued, stitched and double taped to keep out leaks. The attached hooks and gravel guards ensure easy wear with all types of wading boot and the chest pocket is for warming the hands during cold weather. 

There is also a zipped pocket which allows for functional and convenient storage of accessories or valuables safe from the water. The safety belt and adjustable suspenders enable a customized fit for any wearer and the roomy fit ensures that that jeans can easily be worn beneath. These waders are even protected by a manufacturer's warranty that lasts a lifetime.

  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty
  • Zipped pocket for storing valuables safely
  • CaddisDry technology to wick away moisture and protect against leaks

  • Boots must be purchased separately
  • Ankle area is quite a tight fit

These stocking foot waders from Hodgman are breathable for better moisture wicking while also having a three layered lower and upper to transfer sweat vapor conveniently and easily. There is a zippered mesh pocket to the chest to store accessories safely as well as a hand warmer lined with micro-fleece for colder days. 

The Y backed elastic suspenders ensure a comfortable fit while the opposing Duraflex low profile buckles allow for customized wear. The neoprene booties are anatomically correct for the left and right feet making these the ideal affordable waders for lighter use. 

There is also an included wade belt which has a center loop to the back to ensure it doesn't get lose even if it is unbuckled. These waders can be worn with the Core INS zoned insulation system which can be purchased separately enabling these to be worn in both warm or cold weather.

  • Duraflex low profile buckles for easy adjustment
  • Micro fleece lined hand warmer
  • Breathable moisture wicking 3 layered fabric 

  • These waders area very generous fit and may be too large a fitting for smaller wearers
  • Boots must be purchased separately 

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