Best Shoes For Pharmacy Work

Pharmacists everywhere know that standing all day can be agony on the feet. Working in a pharmacy environment can be hard work, and wearing ill-fitting shoes can lead not only to blisters, rubbing and sore feet but even potentially longer term health problems such as knee and back pain. 

Pharmacy technicians would benefit from choosing footwear that is strong and durable, in order to withstand the long working hours, but also which offers optimal support for the ankles and arches. 

By evenly distributing the wearer's bodyweight, a pair of well-fitting and supportive shoes will ensure that pressure is spread across the arches to avoid pain at pressure points such as the heels and toes. 

The best shoes for pharmacy work will also have a rugged, non-slip sole to guard against any accidental slips or falls on slippery surfaces and to obtain the best traction on all kinds of floors. 

If you are looking for a good quality pair of shoes for your work in a pharmacy, we have compiled a selection of the top performing pairs on the market today so that you can easily see their different specifications and choose the right pair to suit your needs.

For those who are permitted to wear training style work shoes to the pharmacy, these New Balance shoes are the ideal choice, offering optimal cushioning, support and shock absorption even when standing and walking all day. 

The slip resistant outer soles ensure safety when walking on all types of surface and the arch support is extremely effective to help stability and to prevent pain throughout the day. 

Ideal for work wear, these shoes feature extra cushioning to the heel area, making them a good choice for plantar fasciitis sufferers and the EVA cushioning to the midsole ensure excellent comfort. The stability shank ensures that the foot is well supported even during a long working day and a number of widths are available up to a size 6E to accommodate a wide range of needs. These shoes are also diabetic friendly, making them a versatile and effective choice.

  • Slip resistant outer soles for extra safety
  • Additional cushioning for the heel for better shock absorption
  • Diabetic friendly

  • Smaller than average fit
  • Not smart enough to wear as dress footwear

If you are allowed to wear training shoes to work, the Nike Tanjun is ideal for all day walking and standing. Made by one of the top brands in the sports industry, these Nikes have an impressive performance and are a good fit not just for work but also for sporting activities too for extra versatility. 

One of the best features of these shoes is their breathable fabric, with an upper mesh that enables the air to flow naturally around the foot to reduce sweating and odors. These are the perfect shoes for summer wear or for wear in hot working environments, and their design is also extremely stylish. 

The round toe design ensures more room for the toes and the short laced up front offers extra support and security of fit. There are several colors available so you can find one to match any uniform you may be required to wear and the thick outer soles are extremely durable and long lasting. The textile insole adds comfort and as the overall design is light and thin, you'll feel like you're walking on air all day.

  • Upper breathable mesh fabric
  • Durable rubber soles
  • Textile insoles for added comfort

  • Not ideal for winter wear
  • Narrower fit

Rockports are one of the top footwear brands, and the Eureka shoe is no disappointment. Ideal for walking and standing throughout the entire working day, these excellent shoes are smart enough to wear as part of a uniform while being packed with excellent comfort features. 

The latex foam footbed offers impressive comfort and the wide base ensures excellent stability when walking on all types of surfaces. The San Crispino built inside its heel ensures better stability for the foot even on uneven 
surfaces while the durable outer sole is made from strong, 
high quality rubber which is biomechanically designed and
which offers optimal traction. 

The inner lining is made from a breathable mesh to wick away moisture to reduce the chance of rubbing, blisters and bad odors while the uppers are made from premium quality soft leather for a glove like fit. The lace up design allows for customizability of fit and extra support for the front of the foot and as there are 4 colors and 2 widths to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit.

  • Biomechanically designed rubber soles
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Latex foam footbed for extra comfort

  • Shoe laces are quite stiff
  • Soles lack some flexibility

ECCO is a well known brand that produces relaxed and comfortable footwear. Comfortable enough to wear all day in the pharmacy, these shoes are durable enough to withstand the rigors of all day working. 

The padded collar ensures optimal comfort and support for the ankle while the whipstitching to the toes and sides ensures extra robustness and durability. The heel measures around 1.25 inches and the platform is 0.,5 inches. 

The outer soles have been injection molded and inside there is a synthetic comfort fiber system insole for added support and comfort for the foot. The smart Oxford style is ideal for wear in any workplace that demands professional dress footwear thanks to their classical appearance and feel.

  • Smart Oxford style for classic appeal
  • Injection molded outer soles for better grip
  • Padded collar for better support and comfort for the ankle

  • Heavier leather means that these shoes could take longer to break in
  • Narrower fit

Dansko is famous for their high quality work footwear that is known for added comfort and durability. These slip on loafers are not only smart enough to wear to work but are also supportive and comfortable. 

This footwear will protect the feet from pain and discomfort through long working days on your feet and they offer optimal stability on all kinds of surface. The slip on style ensures ease and speed of dressing and undressing while the uppers are made from smooth quality leather which is lined with a soft lining to mold
to the foot for better fit. 

The curving insoles offer excellent and complete arch support and the double goring style features a contoured footbed which can be removed to suit the wearer's preference. The rubber outer soles are slip resistant to ensure optimal traction and stability on all kinds of surfaces for your added safety while the midsoles have added shock absorption capabilities to protect the foot from impacts during walking on concrete floors. 

The riveted shank ensures excellent stability, control and support for the entire foot and as the material is resistant to water, the leather uppers will not become damaged on any soapy, wet, acidic or greasy surfaces. These shoes are easy to clean and maintain by simply wiping with a damp cloth.

  • Easy to clean and maintain with a wipe clean leather surface
  • Curving insoles and contoured removable footbed for optimal arch support
  • Riveted shank for excellent control, stability and support to the foot


  • Non-slip soles are not very effective on wet surfaces 

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