Best Police Work Boots

Police officers are well aware that law enforcement is a demanding job and so their footwear needs to be up to the task. Law enforcement officers must be able to respond rapidly to all kinds of tasks, including those which are potentially life threatening and in order to be able to comply with the requirements of the role they must wear high quality gear that can withstand the rigors of the job. 

Choosing the right bear of duty boots for law enforcement is very important, not only for the wearer's comfort but also for their safety too. When working in a potentially hazardous environment, it is very important that the feet are well protected from any potential harm or impacts and that the wearer will be unlikely to slip on any kind of surface. 

Comfort is also key, as pain and blistering in the feet can prove to be extremely distracting, and police must be on the ball at all times. If you are looking for the best police work boots, we have compiled a list of the top five pairs on the market today so that you can compare their specifications at a glance and make the right decision.

These high quality duty boots from Danner are ideal for wear for police work thanks to their strong and durable full grain leather uppers which have been designed to be waterproof to stand up to all kinds of surfaces and weather conditions. 

Their breathable Gore-Tex liners will wick away moisture to leave feet comfortable and dry even on hot days and in wet environments and the EVA midsoles ensure optimal cushioning to keep the feet comfortable all day long thanks to their shock absorbing properties which protect against impacts on hard surfaces. 

The footbed is made from polyurethane to ensure optimal airflow for better breathability and the speed lacing system makes dressing and undressing a breeze - essential in an emergency situation. 

The brass hardware is very durable and offers excellent support for the front of the foot while not compromising on
convenience of wear. The outer soles are made from robust
rubber and feature pentagonal lugs to ensure perfect traction
on all kinds of surfaces. These boots are also polishable so
they are perfect for inspections.

  • Polishable toe for an improved, smart appearance
  • Speed lacing system and brass hardware for convenience and ease of wear
  • Gore-Tex liners and waterproof uppers for better breathability, comfort and protection from the elements

  • Not ideal for wear in cold environments due to lack of insulation
  • Lacking in some arch support

These quality S.W.A.T. Men's Metro tactical boots feature a convenient 9" side zip to allow for easy and speedy dressing and undressing - ideal in emergencies. These are ideal police boots since they can also go through a metal detector without causing any alerts to go off. 

The leather toes are polishable so they look smart when being inspected and their leather and Denier nylon uppers are durable and stylish. The low profile design of these boots offers good ankle support without extending too high up the leg and the outer soles are slip resistant with a ladder grip control and waffle traction to ensure strong and sturdy footing on all types if surfaces. 

The air cushioned midsoles ensure optimal comfort for the foot during long periods of wear and the synthetic liner has been designed to be breathable and to wick away any moisture for added comfort and protection from rubbing. 

The nylon shank offers extra support for the feet, ensuring excellent stability and protection even when walking on hard cement.

  • Air cushioned midsoles for added comfort
  • Waffle traction and ladder grip control for sturdy footing on all types of surface
  • 9" side zip for ease and speed of wear

  • While these boots are water-resistant they are not waterproof
  • Laces are quite short

These tactical boots from Under Armour are lightweight and easy to wear for extended periods without experiencing excessive fatigue while improving the foot's natural flexibility when moving at speed. 

These boots allow for optimal foot strike guidance to allow for easy transition from propulsion to impact and the shock absorption properties are excellent. 

The feet remain well cushioned, especially in the areas of the forefoot and heel and the linings are resistant to water as well as being breathable to protect against excessive sweating and discomfort caused by rubbing. 

The EVA midsoles are fully contoured to conform to the shape of the wearer's foot in order to cushion in the most needed places and the Ortholite sock liner offers an extra 
layer of padding while ensuring that the heel is protected
from slippage. 

The rubber outer soles offer excellent traction on all types of surfaces and the rubber toe is
textured and high abrasion for even better protection for the feet and against wear and tear.

  • Contoured EVA midsoles to conform to the wearer's foot shape
  • Ortholite sock liner for extra comfort
  • Breathable and water resistant lining

  • These boots may squeak when walking on some surfaces
  • Great for wear in summer, however not ideal for winter conditions

These tactical boots from Maelstrom feature a convenient 8" zipper for speedy dressing and undressing and ease of wear. These boots have been specially designed for law enforcement use and their lightweight design is extremely flexible to allow for more natural movement of the foot while never compromising on durability. 

The leather and nylon uppers have been made from water resistant leather for better protection in all weathers. Also the lining has breathable, moisture wicking properties to prevent the build up of bacteria which can cause unpleasant odors. 

Also it ensure that the feet remain comfortable and dry during long periods of wear in all weathers. The molded insoles are shock absorbing to take the extra impact of every step.

While the high performance removable cushioned insert adds support and comfort to the bottom of the foot. The collar and tongue are well padded to offer further support to the front of the foot and ankle while the durable rubber outer soles ensure optimal traction and grip on all kinds of surfaces.

  • Moisture wicking breathable linings for better comfort
  • 8" zipper for speedy and convenient dressing and undressing
  • Molded shock absorbing insoles for better support and comfort

  • As there is no stabilizer the tongue moves from side to side during wear
  • These boots run about a size smaller than expected

The Magnum Men's Elite Spider 8.0 Boot has been designed for long periods of wear, ideal for those who work in law enforcement. 

The excellent level of comfort provided ensures that feet will never feet tired or sore, even when worn in a hot climate thanks to the integrated AeroMesh vent and Spider Mesh lining which wicks away moisture for better comfort and dryness for the foot. 

The composite shank paired with the strong leather uppers ensure excellent foot support and the waterproof protection makes these boots ideal for wear in all weathers and on all surfaces. 

The EVA cushioned insoles have been compression molded to absorb all of the shock of waking on concrete surfaces and the high density cradle layer supports the heel and arches while delivering extra shock absorption. 

The soft top layer is contoured to the foot and the durable outersoles are made from Vibram rubber for excellent traction. There are also no metal parts so these boots can be worn through a metal detector without setting off any alarms.

  • EVA cushioned compression molded insoles for added comfort
  • 8" zipper for speedy and convenient wear
  • AeroMesh vent and Spider Mesh breathable lining to wick away moisture

  • Can be difficult to lace all the way to the top
  • Quite a bulky appearance 

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