Best Orthopedic Work Boots

If you suffer from painful feet, standing up to work all day long can be excruciating. Pain from blisters, plantar fasciitis or bunions can lead to debilitating problems that extend far beyond the feet themselves. Poor posture through unsuitable footwear can lead to ongoing back pain and knee pain that can result in having to take time off work due to ill health. 

All of these problems can be rectified, however, by choosing the right kind of shoes. The best orthopedic work boots are those which are comfortable to wear due to their roomy design which allows room for the toes to move and for the feet to flex naturally. 

Support is also very important, with a stable shank, a laced front and supportive arches. Of course, protection is very important when choosing work boots, and anyone working in a potentially hazardous environment should choose shoes with protective safety toes to guard against accidental impacts. 

Durability is also key, and choosing high quality, well made boots with strong stitching and a robust construction will ensure a long lifespan, even in a rigorous working environment. We have compiled a selection of the best orthopedic footwear for wear at work so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

If you need a pair of comfortable orthopedic work boots, this pair from New Balance is a great choice thanks to the many excellent features such as the padded tongue which offers extra support to the ankle while offering optimal comfort. 

The EVA foam midsoles support the wearer's posture while also reducing existing foot pain, and as it is removable, the fit of the boot can be customized to suit the wearer. The uppers are made from high quality full grain leather which can resist any harsh working conditions or climate readily for a long lifespan. 

The outer soles are made from durable rubber and feature a multi-directional grip for optimal traction on
wet or slippery surfaces in the workplace to improve
the wearer's safety. There is also a toe guard which
offers extra ruggedness and protection for the exterior. 

These shoes are approved for diabetic use, making them even more versatile and the breathable lining ensures an excellent air flow around the foot for better comfort and wicking away of moisture to guard against rubbing and blisters. The shank is made from strong fiberglass for extra support which ensures the arch is supported for a smoother gait.

  • Breathable lining for wicking away moisture
  • Non-slip outer soles for optimal traction
  • EVA foam midsoles to support the foot

  • Tongue is a little narrow, leaving a gap when the boot is tied that can allow debris into the boot
  • Shank is very stiff and can take a long time to break in

These boots from Dr Comfort are an ideal choice for those who require orthopedic work footwear thanks to their excellent comfort features. The no tie lacing system is made from elastic to save on dressing time and for added wearer convenience and the impressive arch support ensures that body weight is effectively distributed evenly for reduced foot pain and better posture. 

The uppers are made from high quality leather for extra durability and robustness, and as they are also waterproof, your feet will remain dry and comfortable in any type of weather conditions even when working outdoors. The cushioning of the insoles ensures optimal comfort and the footbeds can be removed to accommodate orthotics where necessary. 

The tongue and heel cuff are padded to offer better support as well as comfort while walking and the leather strap over the Velcro closure ensures that a customizable and supportive fit can be achieved for the wearer. These boots are surprisingly lightweight to reduce wearer fatigue during a long working day while the rubber soles offer excellent shock absorption as well as optimal traction on all types of surfaces including those which are wet or slippery.

  • Non-slip soles for optimal traction
  • Shock absorbing soles to protect the foot
  • No-tie elastic lacing system for extra convenience

  • The laces cannot be removed
  • No breathable lining means that feet can become hot during warmer weather

Red Wing is known as a high quality brand of work boots and this pair does not disappoint with its practical design and optimal comfort. The uppers are made from durable full grain leather for a stylish appearance, ideal for the workplace, while the leather lining is breathable to allow air to flow in order to keep the feet cool and comfortable. 

The leather footbed offers extra support to the feet during long working days and the overall durability of this footwear is impressive. The timeless style and durability means that this footwear will have a long lifespan while its strongly laced front means that the top and front of the foot is well supported. 

The crepe outer soles are flexible enough to move naturally with the foot while also minimizing vibration
and shock to support traction on all types of surface. 
The leather uppers are water repellent to protect the
feet in all weathers making these boots a good choice
for wearing indoors or outdoors.

  • Breathable and supportive leather footbed
  • Durable and attractive high quality leather uppers for a professional appearance
  • Flexible crepe outer soles minimize shock and vibrations

  • No wider fitting sizes are available in this style
  • Crepe sole may not be as hard wearing as rubber

When you need to spend your working day on your feet, this 8 inch work boot from Georgia is an excellent choice. Reducing foot pain so that you can get on with the task at hand, these boots have well built and designed stylish uppers that are made from high quality leather. 

The lace up front allows the wearer to achieve the perfect customized fit to suit their feet while offering excellent support to the front of the foot and the padded collar is also made from soft leather for comfort and support for the ankle. The inbuilt nylon pull loop ensures that the wearer can put these boots on and take them off speedily and with minimal effort. 

These boots are surprisingly lightweight to wear and the insole is well padded to support the arches and offer extra comfort to the sole of the foot during the working day. There is no compromise on durability, and these boots are reliable and long lasting.

  • Padded insoles to support the arches
  • High quality stylish leather uppers for extra robustness and flexibility
  • Padded collar for support and comfort for the ankle

  • Soles are not non-slip
  • These boots are higher cut and may be uncomfortable for those with larger calves

These leather boots from Propet are high quality and extremely durable to withstand the rigors of the jobsite. The rubber soles are strong and supportive, working well on all kinds of surfaces while these boots have also been approved as diabetic shoes, making them extra versatile. 

This footwear is flexible enough to move naturally with the foot and the leather uppers are waterproof for wear in all weathers and working conditions. The nylon mesh lining allows air to circulate around the foot more freely to reduce moisture and sweating and to guard against bad odors. 

The D Ring speed lacing system ensures that these boots are quick and easy to put on and take off and the self cleaning treads make these very easy boots to maintain and to wear in all conditions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear, these athletic style boots are
strong, robust and supportive, offering stability to the
wearer in any workplace.

  • Nylon mesh lining for better breathability
  • Approved diabetic shoes
  • Self cleaning treads for easier maintenance

  • Fitting is wider than average
  • Sharp eyelets wear through the laces quickly 

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