Best Motorcycle Boots Under $100

Choosing the right motorcycle boots is essential if you want to be safe on the roads. Wearing appropriate motorcycle gear is essential for your protection when on your motorbike, and wearing unsuitable footwear leaves your feet and legs at risk of injury should you have an accident. While some pairs of motorcycle boots are extremely costly, the good news for riders on a budget is that there are many affordable pairs on the market today. 

If you are looking for quality yet affordable motorcycle boots under $100, you can find many excellent options that will fit perfectly into your budget while offering you all of the safety and protection that you need. While they may not be the most fancy or attractive boots out there, there will be functional and practical and will give you years of use. 

Quality motorcycle boots will also offer excellent protection from the weather, including cold and wet climates. They will also be durable and resilient for long term wear and will feature cushioning for extra comfort for the feet and legs so that you can wear them for extended periods without discomfort or pain. We have compiled a selection of five of the best motorcycle boots under $100 on the market so you can make an informed choice.

If you need a pair of affordable entry level rider boots, this pair from O'Neal are the perfect choice. With their attractive and eye catching design, these functional boots are practical and durable, with strong synthetic leather which also acts as a heat shield to guard against heat damage. 

The air mesh interiors also supply extra comfort to the leg and when paired with the cushioned insoles and heel supports, you are guaranteed a comfortable and smooth ride. These boots also offer excellent cushioning against impacts thanks to its injection molded plastic plates which absorb the force generated during an impact. 

The metal shank insert gives extra support to the boots by reinforcing its structure and shape. The four buckles make wearing and removing this boot a breeze and the Goodyear welt sole is durable and ensures no rocking for a more comfortable grip on the pedals. 

There is even a metal toe guard to protect against the delamination of
the sole. As they are also waterproof, these boots can be worn in
all weathers.

  • Injection molded plastic plates to absorb forces on impact
  • Metal toe guard for protection against sole delamination
  • Air mesh interiors and cushioned insoles for extra comfort

  • Quite stiff to wear
  • Can make it difficult to change the shift

These popular motorcycle boots are extremely durable thanks to their quality materials which have been chosen specifically for their strength and weight. 

Their optimized plastics are much thicker than conventional versions offering extra protection in the areas where it is most needed and where extra reinforcement is necessary. 

For added protection there is also a shin plate to protect the front of the boot. The four PU molded buckles are replaceable and offer unrestricted alignment for a truly customized comfortable fit. 

This means that whatever shape or size your leg is, you will find these boots easy to wear. The synthetic material is resistant to everyday wear and tear and will require less of a breaking in period so its shape will be retained for much longer. 

The inner side has a thick synthetic leather covering to guard against water and heat ingress and this also serves to prevent dirt from entering and irritating the foot. The steel shanks also add support and comfort.

  • Unrestricted alignment from PU molded replaceable buckles
  • Optimized plastics for extra protection in the most needed areas
  • Synthetic leather covering for inside of boot to resist heat, water and dirt

  • These boots are not waterproof
  • Buckles are difficult to close

These affordable boots don't compromise on security or comfort, and make an excellent choice for anyone who has flat feet. As they are water resistant they will stand up well to occasional splashes and drizzle and the synthetic leather material is lightweight and easy to wear. 

The double stitched leather offers extra support in all high flex areas as well as in the area around the gearshift and the flexible nature of these boots mean that they require very little break in time. The crucial areas of the like such as the ankle, toe, heel and shin are all adequately protected and the injection molded toe armor offers further protection to the foot. 

Not only will you feel safe and secure, you will also have excellent foot flexibility while you ride. The non-slip soles ensure a perfect grip on rubber surfaces and these boots are easy to put on and take off thanks to the large entry zipper and velcro closure.

  • Easy to put on and take off thanks to the large zipper and velcro closure
  • Molded toe armor and interior protection for key areas of the leg
  • Double stitched leather for extra support in high flex areas

  • Not breathable material so can be very sweaty to wear on hot days
  • May have too snug a fit on wider calves

Made from high quality full grain leather, these motorcycle boots are affordable and yet technologically advanced for high performance. 

Featuring a stylish and classic appearance, these 13 inch high harness biker boots have a Goodyear welt construction for extra strength and durability and the rubber outer soles are not only non-marking but also have lugs for extra non-slip protection. 

These boots ensure a flexible fit that moves naturally with the foot while feeling incredibly secure and safe. Built to withstand the rigors of the road, these boots have been designed for long term protection, comfort, ruggedness and style and the heavy duty soles will have a long lifespan.

  • Strong Goodyear welt construction for extra robustness
  • Rubber outer soles are non-marking and have lugs for non-slip protection
  • High quality full grain leather uppers with a stylish appearance

  • Size runs quite large
  • Sole feels quite squishy when compared to other rival pairs

These high quality, great value boots from Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company require only a very short break in time as they are made from an excellent freedom flex material which allows you to have a wide range of movement when the boots are worn. 

The material is full leather uppers which offers excellent protection against everyday wear and tear as well as inclement weather. With just a 6 inch shaft height, these are a good choice for those with wider calves and the double fronted zipper allows you to easily put these boots on and off. 

The insoles are also removable and can be washed for ease of maintenance. The soles are strong and resilient while also being oil resistant, non-marking and non-skid for extra stability and safety when walking and riding. These boots are also well designed, and look very stylish.

  • Removable insoles which can be washed for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Oil resistant, non-marking and anti-slip durable and resilient soles
  • Full leather uppers for excellent protection against the elements

  • Best for short journeys as they are not design for use on rough terrain
  • The size runs large when compared to other similar boots 

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