Best Tree Climbing Boots

If you are a professional arborist, or just a keen amateur who often climbs trees in your own back yard to carry out pruning work, you will need to choose footwear that is suitable for the task ahead. If you need to choose footwear that is appropriate for use during tree work, you need to find boots that enable you to climb trees safely without putting yourself at risk of slips and falls. 

Apart from being hazardous, tree work also involves working outdoors in all weathers, and if the weather is inclement, your feet may become wet and cold. If you are an arborist who uses chemicals in your work, you may also benefit from choosing boots that are resistant as well as shoes that are insulated and waterproofed. 

Quality tree climbing boots are those that have sturdy, robust soles that can ensure excellent traction in a hazardous environment, and also which are strong enough to stand up to the rigors of the jobsite. If you are looking for the best tree climbing boots to suit your needs, we have compiled a selection of the top five performing pairs on the market today so that you can make an informed decision.

These high quality caulk boots are made from strong and durable rubber so that they are perfectly resilient to damage in the hazardous arborial environment and resistant to inclement weather. Their rubber uppers ensure that these boots are completely waterproofed and they are suitable for wear in both rain and snow without the feet becoming wet. 

These boots also feature a polyester lining and are highly resistant to the chemicals that you will be using in your line of work. The heels and insteps have been reinforced to offer extra strength and support, and this makes these boots even more durable and long lasting. 

Despite the SBR blended NR caulked sole, these boots are surprisingly flexible, with a flex rating that exceeds 305,000. This means that your foot can bend more naturally, allowing you a more comfortable range of movement when climbing. These high quality boots are ideal for use by arborists and those who carry out a lot of garden work.

  • Strong caulked soles with a flex rating of 305,000+
  • Waterproof rubber uppers for protection against inclement weather
  • Resistant to chemicals

  • Run larger than average
  • These boots are not insulated for winter wear

These stylish yet incredibly functional leather high leg boots from Wesco are ideal for use by arborists. Their durable construction ensures a long lifespan, while the rubber Vibram soles are robust and will withstand years of heavy usage. 

Laced down to the toe, these boots offer excellent support to the front of the foot and the ankle when climbing, while the steel shank is slightly arched as well as ribbed and non-corrosive for excellent support and maximum comfort. The recessed heel breastplate is made from strong metal to offer protection for the foot when climbing. 

These boots have uppers that are made from full grain leather for the best possible quality, and they also feature a removable false tongue for the comfort of the wearer. This footwear is handcrafted with the needs of climbers in mind, and they are a stylish choice for anyone carrying out tree work.

  • Recessed heel metal breastplate to protect the foot effectively when climbing
  • 100% Vibram rubber soles for excellent non-slip traction
  • Full grain high quality leather uppers for excellent durability

  • These boots are 16 inches in height and may be uncomfortable to wear for those with wider calves

Ideal to suit the needs of arborists, these work boots offer high performance together with quality leather uppers and excellent comfort. Ideal for wear when climbing, these boots have three times the strength of regular leather, and can resist abrasions more than twice as well as a traditional boot. 

These boots are also resistant to caustic chemicals and acids which may be used when carrying out tree work. The inners are packed with excellent features to ensure that your feet experience optimal comfort. 

The insoles are cushioned to give a feeling of comfort when climbing, while the steel shank ensures steady footing and strong support for the arches. 

The Goodyear Welt construction ensures that these boots are durable with enhanced strength, and the outer soles can even be repaired once they wear down, ensuring many more years of excellent value. The poly wedge outer soles are well cushioned and are also extremely flexible to allow your foot to bend more naturally when you walk. As they are also oil resistant, you can be sure that you will enjoy excellent traction when you are out in the yard in all weathers.

  • Oil and chemical resistant poly wedge outer soles
  • Steel shank for steady footing and excellent arch support
  • Uppers offer three times the strength of regular leather

  • Heavier than many other pairs of work boots
  • May stretch after some wear

These lineman boots are perfect for arborists to wear thanks to the excellent support that they provide while climbing. These boots offer optimal safety thanks to the temperature neutral composite safety toes which guard effectively against any accidental impacts. These boots are also electrical hazard rated for extra versatility of use. 

They feature a Windtex waterproof membrane that ensures that your feet stay dry and well protected from moisture whether you are sweating in a hot climate or walking through wet grass. The soles are made from extremely durable Vibram rubber which offers optimal stability when climbing. 

Built for quality and comfort, these 10 inch tall boots are made from 2.8mm thick full grain leather uppers for excellent robustness, and they also feature reinforced double or triple stitching in all areas of high wear. These boots also have a rubber toe cap to ensure added protection and resistance to abrasion. The mid soles have been designed to be extra stiff for optimal support while ensuring high traction on slippery surfaces.

  • Windtex waterproof membrane for sweat protection and prevention of moisture ingress
  • Rubber toe cap for resistance to abrasion and extra protection
  • Electrical hazard rated with a strong composite safety toe 

  • More expensive than many rival models
  • Not available in a wider fitting

These MAXWear Safety boots from Thorogood have been designed with premium craftsmanship and the expertise of an outstanding brand. One of the most reliable brands in the safety and work footwear industry, these boots are extremely durable and long lasting while also being some of the most comfortable boots on the market today. 

Made from oil tanned leather with a cotton drill vamp lining, these well-designed boots also feature a dual density footbed which is removable to suit the preferences of the wearer. It is also designed to be shock absorbent to protect against impacts to the foot when climbing or walking on hard surfaces. 

The insoles feature a Poron 4000 comfort cushion for optimal arch support and comfort while walking and climbing, and the shank is made from lightweight composite for excellent support where it is needed most. The MAXwear polyurethane wedge outer soles offer excellent traction while the composite toes protect against impacts.

  • These boots are electrical hazard rated and also feature a composite safety toe
  • Shock absorbent removable dual density footbed
  • Poron 4000 comfort cushion for optimal arch support and comfort

  • Some mild color variations
  • The laces may snag in the upper holes when lacing 

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