Best Tower Climbing Boots For Lineman

If you are a lineman, you will already be aware of the utmost importance that must be placed on safety during your work. Wearing appropriate safety gear is a major part of protecting yourself from accidents and injuries, and choosing the best tower climbing boots is essential to guard against slips and falls. The best climbing boots for lineman duties will have a number of key features. 

Firstly, they will need to be waterproof since you will be working outdoors in all weathers including rain and snow, and will often be expected to cross wet surfaces. They will also have high quality outersoles which offer support and comfort together with excellent traction for climbing slippery metal hooks. 

Durability is another essential factor that you need to bear in mind as you will be working on your feet all day in tough conditions and choosing a pair of boots made from high quality, rugged materials will ensure a long lifespan and better value for money. If you need to find the best climbing boots for lineman duties, we have compiled a selection of the top five performing pairs on the market today so that you can easily make an informed purchasing decision.

These high leg boots from Wesco are classically designed with the needs of linemen in mind. Their heavy steel shank has been combined with an extra layer of leather to provide optimal support when climbing towers, making work extra safe. 

These comfortable boots feature a 9 Iron leather insole and midsole for extra support and strength while the inner leather layer is smooth and cushioned for comfort and foot support. The steel shank is slightly arched for better shaping and protection for the feet during the working day. 

These boots have a lace to toe design to offer support for the front of the feet as well as a removable tongue for added comfort. The Vibram soles are extremely sturdy and stable ensuring excellent traction on all kinds of surfaces while the recessed metal heel breastplate has been designed to offer excellent protection when climbing spurs.

  • Lace to toe design to support the front of the feet
  • Recessed metal heel breastplate for better protection when climbing spurs
  • 9 Iron insoles and midsoles for optimal strength and support

  • Do not have steel toes
  • Reaches higher up the ankle than most other boots and may be uncomfortable for those with larger legs

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger Boot

Red Wing are well known for their high quality work boots and this footwear is no exception, being made from oil tanned leather which is resistant to perspiration, stains and water. Durable and resilient, these boots can withstand even the toughest of working conditions. 

The outer soles of these rugged boots have been manufactured from Nitrile Cork which is a rubber composite material that is virtually indestructible for a long lifespan as well as being low profile and lightweight, ideal for climbing. 

The soles are also well designed to offer excellent traction on all kinds of surfaces including slippery metal and as there is no tread, nothing can stick to the outer soles to cause a hazard. 

The insoles are made from soft leather and these boots come complete with 48" long laces and nickel hooks and eyelets which are also very strong and durable. The steel shank and Goodyear welt construction also make these boots very strong and suited for use in outdoor working environments.

  • Virtually indestructible outer soles
  • Made from oil tanned leather that is water, sweat and stain resistant
  • No treads

  • Laces are quite short
  • These boots run about one size too large

The Makala boots from La Sportiva may be designed for mountaineering, however this makes them the best tower climbing boots. Made from high quality leather, they offer an excellent fit, high performance and impressive comfort. 

These boots are guaranteed to last a long time thanks to their durable nature and thanks to the 8mm MtnFlex insoles which have an SBR Aircushion in the midsoles, they are extremely supportive and comfortable for the feet to maximize working performance in all kinds of working environments. 

The 1.5 mm Dacromet coated steel shank ensures optimal support for the feet arches when climbing towers and the uppers are made from strong leather for a long lifespan. These boots also feature a Dry-Best lining to protect the feet from moisture while the Vibram rubber rand ensures excellent traction on surfaces and great stability when climbing.

  • SBR Aircushioned midsoles for support and comfort
  • Dacromet coated steel shank for foot arch support during climbing
  • Dry-Best lining to protect against sweat

  • A smaller fit than rival boots, especially for those with narrow feet
  • Not waterproof

Climbing is a key part of a lineman's role and therefore choosing a boot which has been specifically designed for working outdoors and which has an excellent grip with impressive traction is essential. 

These high quality boots from La Sportiva have a 8 mm high density nylon outer casing which can adapt and flex to the movements of the feet to make climbing safer. 

The soles feature an SBR Aircushion which makes the boots even more comfortable to wear while keeping the feet cool in warmer weather and warm during the winter months - essential when working outside. 

The primary portion of this boot is manufactured from Idro-Perwanger leather which is both comfortable and durable as well as being weather resistant. 

Featuring a Dry-Best lining, these boots protect the feet well from sweat and moisture and the anti-torsion plate insoles protect and support the foot arches. The soles are made from Vibram rubber for extra strength and traction and the Cordura cuff offers optimal support and padding for the ankle.

  • Durable and comfortable Idro-Perwanger leather uppers
  • 8mm high density nylon outer casing which is adaptable and flexible to the foot's movements
  • SBR Aircushion soles for better comfort

  • Best for narrow feet
  • Quite stiff and clunky construction

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