Best Shoes For Working In A Kitchen

Chefs, restaurant servers and other restaurant workers all need to be sure that they have chosen the right footwear for kitchen work when they make their purchasing decisions. Making an incorrect choice may not only lead to discomfort and medical problems, but it could also lead to a health and safety catastrophe. 

Kitchens can be dangerous environments, with potential spillages, oily floors and water leading to slippery and hazardous surfaces. If you are engaged in kitchen work, you need to find the best shoes for working in a kitchen that will not only ensure excellent support and comfort throughout your working day, but which also keep you safe on slippery floors. 

Kitchens are hot, sweaty environments, so shoes with a breathable mesh lining or inserts makes sense to eradicate moisture and keep feet comfortable. Shoes with excellent support for the arches is also important, as well as durable, non-slip soles that will ensure optimal traction on even wet or oily floors. If you are into the food service industry and looking for the best shoes for kitchen work, we have compiled a selection of the top performing 5 pairs of footwear on the market so that you can make an informed purchasing decision to suit your needs.

These popular sandals from the well known Crocs brand are ideal for chefs and other restaurant workers. Designed to be comfortable, they offer excellent ventilation to allow the wearer to experience maximum comfort, while their covered design goes high up the foot to protect against any splashes or spills. 

As they are wipe clean, these are low maintenance shoes that also feature a massaging footbed with supportive arches and footbed nubs to ensure excellent comfort while standing all day. 

Thanks to their loose fit, the foot can also bend more naturally for better flexibility. The sandal's Croslite material is able to conform to the shape of the foot for a more customised fit and their affordable price tag makes these sandals an even better choice. The soles are also strong and have been designed to be both anti-skid and non-marking, making them perfect for use in the slippery kitchen environment.

  • Anti-skid, anti-marking soles for better traction on slippery floors
  • Croslite material conforms to your foot shape for a custom fit
  • Ventilated sides to allow excellent breathability for reduced moisture

  • The rivets at the side of the shoe can rub against the feet if the fit is too tight
  • The sizing is quite large

Available in a version for both men and women, this shoe from Merrell is ideal for restaurant servers who require footwear that is practical, functional and yet smart. With black leather uppers, these well-constructed shoes are high quality and feature a breathable mesh lining to ensure excellent airflow for reduced moisture and less sweat when working in a hot environment. 

As they have a slip-on design, they are easy to get on and off for speedy dressing and undressing, yet they are sturdy and durable, ensuring excellent stability when on your feet all day. 

The Merrell air cushion offers optimal comfort and support underfoot, and as they are also slip-resistant, you can be very safe even if the floor is wet or oily. Offering excellent support to the feet, these shoes also feature air cushioning inside the heel which is capable of absorbing shock.

  • Slip on design for easy and fast dressing and undressing
  • Breathable mesh lining for eradication of moisture and good airflow
  • Air cushioned footbed for excellent comfort and support
  • Non-waterproof construction
  • The elastic band at the top of the foot can dig into the skin if the fit is too snug

Ideal for wear in restaurants and kitchens, these slip on shoes from the popular Skechers brand are perfect for use in a slippery environment. With their sporty, cool appearance, these fashionable shoes combine style with excellent comfort and yet are incredibly practical. 

With their lightweight design, you won't be exhausted from standing up all day, and you'll be able to move quickly should the need arise. The memory foam insoles make walking extremely comfortable, and the feet will be well supported around the arches. 

The fit is also roomy and comfortable thanks to the Relaxed Fit design, and the midsoles are shock absorbing to return energy and reduce the impact of walking on hard surfaces. This footwear is also extremely flexible thanks to their bendy, non-slip soles, so your foot can move in a more natural way.

  • Relaxed Fit design gives the foot extra space and provides optimal comfort all day long
  • Memory foam insoles for padded comfort and excellent arch support
  • Fashionable sporty appearance for extra style

  • These shoes are not waterproof
  • Minimal support to the sides of the foot

This professional mule style shoe is both smart and practical for wear in the kitchen environment. The woven design of the uppers is stylish and appealing, and make them look a little different from the ordinary plain designs found so often in work shoes. 

Thanks to the wide heel strike, these shoes also ensure optimal stability on all kinds of surfaces all day. These shoes can be worn for long periods at work without causing any problems and as they are lightweight they will not cause excess fatigue or weigh your legs down. 

The toe box is roomy and has been reinforced to add protection against any accidental impacts while the instep collar has been padded to add comfort. The outersoles are made from strong polyurethane and they have a rocker bottom to enable better shock absorption when walking on hard surfaces. Comfortable and stylish, these clogs can be worn both in and out of the kitchen, however their anti-slip sole is perfect for use in the slippery and potentially wet kitchen environment.

  • Wide heel strike leading to optimal stability
  • Rocker soles for better shock absorption
  • Anti-slip soles for better traction on wet or greasy floors

  • Higher heel than many other work shoes
  • Offers less arch support for people with flat feet

Working in a kitchen usually means standing on your feet all day, and those long hours require a pair of very comfortable shoes. Luckily, these professional shoes from Birkenstock have been designed with high comfort in mind. 

Anatomically formed, their interchangeable footbeds are extremely soft and padded to give support with optimal comfort, and the polyurethane material used to construct the uppers is smooth, allowing oil, grease, water and dust to be wiped straight off for excellent convenience. 

Perfect for wear when serving or preparing food, these shoes feature a specially designed sole with a raised heel section to give the feet excellent grip while providing impressive all-round protection. The shoe is able to mold to the shape of your foot while the interior cushioning supports your health and well-being.

 Although these clogs are a little more expensive than some of its competitors, they are extremely durable and enjoy a long lifespan so they represent excellent value for money. They offer excellent longitudinal arch support to both the exterior and interior of the shoe while the indentation to the front of the footbed has been well placed to facilitate the foot's grip, ensuring excellent stability.

  • Wipe clean surface for extra convenience
  • Raise heel section for better grip and protection
  • Interior cushioning for better comfort and support

  • May squeak when walking on some surfaces
  • More expensive than many other rival pairs of footwear

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