Best Knee Pads For Plumbers

If you're a plumber you spend a lot of your working day on your knees fixing pipes and fixtures. Spending long periods on your knees can end up causing you a lot of pain, so providing some kind of padding to make the day more comfortable is very important. Investing in a high quality pair of knee pads is a sensible idea, as they will protect you from injury and ongoing medical problems which could end up causing you to miss work for medical reasons. 

The best knee pads for plumbers are those which are easy to put on and take off as well as being comfortable to wear for extended periods. Anti-skid grips are a useful additional feature so that you can enjoy excellent stability and support while kneeling and adjustable straps to allow for a customized fit ensures that you will find them easy to wear. 

Durability and flexibility are two more key factors to consider when choosing high quality knee pads for plumbers, and there are many excellent selections on the market today to choose from that represent excellent value for money. If you need to choose a new set of knee pads, check our list of the top rated five pairs.

If you need knee pads to protect yourself when working on a plumbing job, these pads from Galatia Gear are the ideal choice. 

Designed to offer optimal comfort for long term wear, these pads feature hard caps which are strongly reinforced for extra durability and thermoplastic rubber grip strips which ensure that you will not slip when kneeling on any kind of surface. 

With excellent stability, these knee pads are also designed to absorb shocks from falls and accidents and the thick EVA foam pad protects knees from pressure and painful movement. 

The hook and loop closures on the dual neoprene straps ensure flexibility and ensure the ideal fit for any shape or size of legs and as they will not shift out of position or slip down, you can work on the job at hand without having to worry about making constant readjustments. The neoprene material is breathable ensuring that your skin can breathe and air flow is maximized. Built for durability, performance and flexibility, these are ideal for use for plumbing jobs around the house.

  • Thick EVA foam pad to protect the knees from pressure
  • Non-Slip thermoplastic rubber grip strips 
  • Dual neoprene straps with hook and loop closures

  • Can feel quite tight when worn for extended periods
  • Best for indoor work

These Armor-Flex knee pads are high quality and feature a PVC cap for extra durability. The incorporate a closed cell dense foam that features a side cut design ensuring optimal comfort of wear for extended periods. 

These knee pads are suitable for use on all kinds of indoor and outdoor surfaces and feature elastic straps and webbing for an improved fit. 

The quick clip connectors allow the wearer to put them on and take them off quickly and easily, and the flexible hinge-like cap allows for a more natural movement of the knee to allow for easier standing, kneeling and bending. 

One size fits most people and the tricot lining is comfortable. The padding is made from strong ethylene vinyl acetate for extra comfort and support, offering optimal stability when working.

  • PVC knee cap for extra durability
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Hinge-like knee cap for easier movement
  • Strap may not be long enough for wider legs
  • Knee pad may be too narrow for larger knees

Wherever you are working, whether it be outdoors or indoors, you will find these knee pads the ideal choice for wear on plumbing jobs. Featuring gel padding and memory foam, these are incredibly comfortable to wear and will offer optimal protection for the knees. 

The durable and flexible straps are fully adjustable to ensure the perfect fit and to keep them firmly in place all day long without the need to constantly readjust positions. The strong velcro ensures the perfect fit and the adjustable clip is heavy duty for a long lifespan. 

The large knee caps are made from heavy duty PVC and have specially designed grooves to guard against sliding, scratching or rolling on all kinds of surfaces. The breathable heavyweight fabric is ideal for long periods of use while reducing sweat and ensuring maximum comfort. 

They are easy to clean by simply wiping with a wet cloth and are fully guaranteed by the manufacturer. The padding and gel cushion are ideal for use on concrete while the nylon thread is also heavy duty for extra strength to guard against tears or rips.

  • Gel and memory foam padding for extra comfort
  • Breathable fabric to protect against sweating and discomfort
  • Anti-slip grooves to prevent rolling, sliding and scratching on any kind of surface

  • Strap may cause discomfort behind the knee
  • Bottom strap is quite short

These knee pads feature a clear poly shield hard shell and a tough nylon fabric for extra robustness and durability so that they can stand up to heavy duty applications. 

The cap is fully stitched on to prevent debris and rocks from entering the pad and the cap is contoured to enable to wearer to rock or swivel with ease. 

The foam is contoured and features a tricot lining for comfort all day long, and the leg straps have a hook and button fastening for ease of wear and convenience. 

Simple to adjust and easy to use, these high quality knee pads are made from premium materials by a well known manufacturer in the industry and are ideal for use by plumbers in both indoor and outdoor working environments.

  • Contoured foam and tricot lining for excellent all day comfort
  • Poly shield hard shell cap for extra durability
  • Contoured cap to allow for rocking and side to side movements

  • Knee pads may occasionally slip down

Ensuring optimal protection and support for plumbers who spend a large proportion of their day kneeling, these knee pads feature durable EVA foam padding paired with a soft gel core to ensure optimal cushioning for the knees all day long. 

The thick heavy duty poly shield guards against scrapes or cuts from rough terrain and a secure and tight fit is guaranteed from the adjustable straps. The slip buckle also clips onto all the straps to ensure simple and quick fitting. 

The straps are neoprene and are flexible and ergonomically designed so that they will remain firmly in place. The caps are PVC and are resistant to abrasions and have a textured design to guard against rolling or slipping. 

Ideal for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, these pads are professional strength and use heavy duty nylon
threads for extra strength and durability while the straps
have been double stitched to guard against tears and rips. 
These knee pads even have CE EN14404 safety
certification and a NoCry guarantee for peace of mind.

  • Abrasion resistant non-slip PVC caps
  • Slip buckle for fast and easy adjustable fitting
  • Safety certified for peace of mind


  • Elastic will stretch over time 

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