Best Chainsaw Protective Gloves

Whether you are a professional tree surgeon or gardener or whether you just want to trim branches of trees around your property and cut firewood, if you are operating a chainsaw, you should be aware of the importance of wearing proper safety gear. You may not have thought of the importance of using a pair of suitable gloves for operating a chainsaw, however they are a vital piece of kit for ensuring your safety while cutting. 

The best chainsaw protective gloves are cut resistant to protect your hands from any accidental injuries, and choosing an anti-vibration pair also makes sense if you are likely to be using the chainsaw regularly or for extended periods to provide added protection for your hands. 

Gloves that are made from Kevlar are strong and durable and are the best choice for ensuring your complete safety while on the jobsite. If you are looking for the best chainsaw safety gloves, we have compiled a selection of the top five performing pairs on the market today. We have outlined their specifications and features so that you can compare them at a glance and make an informed decision about which is the right pair for you.

If you are an occasion light duty chainsaw user who is looking for a pair of lightweight chainsaw gloves to wear while carrying out a spot of yard work, these gloves from Husqvarna are the ideal choice. 

Made from a cut resistant material in the left hand, these gloves are comfortable to wear as they are made from supple goatskin leather which is soft and pliable yet durable at the same time. 

The palm has a double layer of goat leather while the backs of the hands have foam laminated spandex for better fit and nylon neoprene knuckles for extra reinforcement and durability. 

The goatskin material wicks away moisture and sweat from the hands while you work, improving your grip on the chainsaw itself, while the trigger finger has been reinforced to protect against excessive wear and tear. 

Their soft knitted cuff adds extra comfort to the wrist
area while making these gloves much easier to put on
and take off for extra convenience.

  • Cut resistant material on the left glove to protect the user from accidental injuries
  • Goatskin wicks away sweat and moisture for improved grip
  • Nylon neoprene reinforced knuckles for extra durability

  • Not suitable for heavy duty use
  • Only suitable for right handed chainsaw users

These protective gloves are ideal for protecting your hands while using your chainsaw. Comfortable and easy to wear, these work gloves are cut resistant and will help to protect you should you accidentally make contact with the blade thanks to their full Kevlar fiber lining which protects the palm, top of the hand and sides of the fingers. 

There is also padding to protect the knuckles and a brow wipe made from soft terry cloth to enable the wearer to clear any sweat from their forehead during work - a thoughtful additional touch. 

Dexterity is not compromised when using these gloves as they allow the wearer to maintain a full range of movement without losing any tactile sensation. 

Rated as a level 3 for cut resistance, these gloves are also non-slip for better grip on your tools, and feature a velcro closure to provide a customized and tight fit for the wrist. These gloves can even be machine washed and come in a choice of sizes to suit every hand.

  • Kevlar fiber lining to protect the whole hand
  • Velcro closure for a tight and secure fit around the wrist
  • Terry cloth brow wipe as a thoughtful extra touch

  • Not suitable for use in cold weather
  • Glove is not very stretchy and will not fit larger hands

This durable and well made chain saw gloves are an ideal choice for protecting your hands. 

Featuring two layers of Kevlar fabric on the backs to offer excellent resistance to cuts, these gloves also feature foam pads to the palms which have been designed specifically to reduce the amount of vibration experienced in the hands from operating a running chainsaw. 

The front of the gloves is made from soft and supple high quality goat skin leather and this ensures a firm grip while the knuckles and finger tips have been reinforced to guard against excessive wear and tear. 

These gloves also feature a Velcro strap at the wrist to ensure a tight and secure fit that can be customized to suit every wearer individually.

  • Foam pads on the palms to effectively protect the hands from vibration
  • Soft goat skin leather for added grip
  • Reinforced knuckles and finger tips to guard against wear and tear

  • Even the large gloves may be too small on larger hands
  • Best suited to light duty use

These high visibility chainsaw gloves meet the EN 381:1999 class 0 standard for chainsaw gloves and are an ideal choice thanks to their anti-vibration reinforcement which has been built into the design. 

The palms of these gloves are made from smooth grain goat skin leather for excellent grip and moisture wicking, and as they are also water repellent they can be used in all weathers. 

The wrists have been elasticized to make these gloves easy to pull on and take off and thanks to the Velcro straps, they can be adjusted to a customized fit for optimal comfort while ensuring that any debris is kept out of the glove. 

The yellow high visibility backs have been designed to improve visibility even in dark conditions and the backs of the hands are made from a nylon/Lycra fabric for added stretch and fit. Allowing for excellent dexterity and comfort, these chainsaw gloves have 8 layers of Kevlar lining to the back of the left hand for optimal cut resistance to chainsaws running at up to 3140 feet per minute.

  • High Visibility coloring for improved visibility in dark conditions
  • 8 Layers of Kevlar lining for optimal cut resistance
  • Elasticized wrists with velcro straps to keep out debris and improve the comfort of fit

  • Only suitable for use by right handed chainsaw operators
  • No vibration protection for the fingers

These Kevlar lined gloves offer complete protection for the hand while ensuring optimal cut resistance. With Kevlar lining throughout the entire glove including the top of the hand, palm, cuff and sides of the fingers, these gloves are puncture and cut resistant while being incredibly durable too. 

The tops of the hands are also well protected with TPR finger protection which guards against any impacts to the top of the hand. TPR also covers the fingers to provide protection without compromising on dexterity and the 3M Scotchlite reflective feature ensures that you will be seen even in dark working conditions. 

Non-slip reinforcement on the palm improves your grip while adding durability, and the 5.0 mm EVA foam dampens any vibrations for added protection. These gloves are also available in several sizes you are sure to find one to fit your hand, however large or small.

  • TPR protection for the fingers and the tops of the hands
  • Kevlar lining throughout for excellent cut resistance
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective coloring for better visibility in dark conditions

  • Smaller fit than might be expected and there is no stretch to accommodate larger hands
  • Not breathable so may be uncomfortable in warm working conditions 

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