Best Boots For Walking All Day

If you spend all day walking, either as part of your job or while out and about sightseeing on your vacation, choosing the best boots for walking all day is a sensible idea. The wrong choice of footwear can lead to pain, with blisters, rubbing and chafing being a major problem. If you are walking on concrete or bumpy surfaces all day long you may also find that your feet ache, and sore feet can be a real problem. 

Quality boots for walking all day need to be supportive to the sole, heel and ankle while offering plenty of cushioning for the areas of the foot that most need it. Non slip soles may also be a sensible idea, as better traction will keep you stable and safe no matter what kind of surface you are crossing. 

Durable, robust construction is essential to ensure that your boots won't suffer from excess wear and tear too quickly, and shock absorbing properties are also important for helping to reduce fatigue experienced from long periods on your feet. If you are wondering which pair of boots is the right choice for you, check out our selection of the top five rated pairs on the market.

While these boots are designed for work, they are a great choice for anyone who walks all day either for their job or for any other reason. 

The outer soles have been designed to be resistant to very high temperatures to protect your feet from hot sidewalks and their Goodyear welt construction ensures that this footwear will be strong and durable with a long lifespan, ideal for people on their feet for long hours. 

The leather is also waterproof which ensures that these are the ideal boots to wear in all weather conditions. The footbed is made from supportive polyurethane which has an ergonomic design for even better support and comfort. 

It is also removable for the user's better comfort. The outer soles are made from durable rubber and have an EVA Traction Tred for even better comfort and non-slip stability on all kinds of walking surfaces. These are very high 
quality boots made from premium materials.

  • Goodyear welt construction for extra durability and a long lifespan
  • Waterproof leather uppers for wear in all weathers
  • EVA Traction Tred outersoles for excellent non-slip stability

  • Sizing runs a little large
  • Laces frequently come loose

Wolverine is a well known quality brand, and these thoughtfully designed boots are ideal for all day wear when you are out and about on your feet. These are very safe boots with rubber outer soles that feature lugs for excellent traction on all kinds of surfaces. 

The integrated Multishox technology ensures that this footwear is resistant to all oily and slippery floors and it is also resistant to abrasion for a long lifespan. The integrated compression pads are designed to absorb any shocks while offering extra comfort to the foot and heel during long term wear. 

The uppers are manufactured from full grain leather which is tough and rugged for excellent foot protection while the lining is made from a high quality mesh to improve air flow and breathability to guard against moisture and rubbing that comes from sweat. 

The Contour Welt ensures optimal cushioning and support when walking on concrete and the insole is removable to suit the wearer's preferences. Flexible and athletic in feel, the midsoles are very lightweight for all day wear.

  • Multishox technology for optimal slip, abrasion and oil resistance
  • Compression pads absorb shocks to the feet and heel
  • Breathable mesh lining for moisture wicking

  • Soles can be slippery on wet surfaces
  • Heavier than some rival pairs

The Timberland brand is well known for its high quality and performance and these boots are a perfect example of the brand. Built to last, these boots can stand up to any demand thanks to their impressive safety features which ensure that the wearer's foot is guarded against any impacts, slips or falls. 

The rubber outer soles are resistant to abrasions, heat, oil and slips for extra stability and safety when walking all day on all kinds of surfaces. The puncture resistant Steel Flex plate ensures optimal safety for the underfoot while the full grain leather uppers ensures premium level protection. 

The shank is made from durable fiberglass for extra support and the polyurethane midsoles have been designed to absorb impacts and shocks thanks to their conical geometry technology. With a short break in time, these boots have odor control lining fabric which has been treated with an antimicrobial treatment for pleasant 
smelling feet.

  • Shock absorbing polyurethane midsoles with conical geometry technology
  • Puncture resistant Steel Flex plate underfoot protection when walking on different surfaces
  • Slip, oil, heat and abrasion resistant

  • Shallow tread when compared to rival footwear
  • Not waterproof

Georgia Boot Wedge Work Boot

With their focus, firmly on performance and comfort, these Georgia work boots are made from premium leather for long lasting durability. Ideal for wear in all kinds of environments these boots are strong and abrasion resistant. They are also resistant to acids and chemicals and are packed with impressive features to ensure the comfort of the feet when walking all day long. 

The wedge boot has a smooth and soft leather lining together with a cushioned insole which provides optimal support and comfort with every step. The steel shank has been designed to support the arches while ensuring stead footing and the Goodyear welt construction improves the durability and robustness of the construction. 

The outer soles have a wedge design and can be repaired easily when worn down. They are also very flexible to move with the foot's natural patterns. These high quality boots offer optimal protection and comfort no matter where you are walking.

  • Wedge rubber repairable outer soles for excellent durability
  • Steel shank to support the arches when walking for extended periods
  • Resistant to acid and chemicals for extra versatility

  • Heavier than some rival pairs
  • Limited traction on ice

These robust leather boots from the popular sporting brand Nike are an ideal choice for walking all day for work or for leisure. Their rubber soles are durable and robust enough to withstand the rigors of walking on all kinds of surfaces and their lugged tread ensures maximum traction even on slippery or wet surfaces. 

The waterproof full grain leather uppers are built to last in even the toughest wearing conditions and will keep the feet protected from moisture ingress. 

The midsoles feature Air Sole technology for superior cushioning and optimal comfort so that the feet are protected from shocks from impacts on hard surfaces like concrete even when walking for extended periods. The boot shaft is 6 inches long to provide excellent 
support to the ankle and top of the foot to guard
against any excess wearer fatigue.

  • Air Sole technology for cushioning in the insoles for all day walking comfort 
  • Durable rubber soles with lugged treads ensure excellent stability on all kinds of surfaces
  • Waterproof full grain leather uppers to protect the feet from water ingress in all weather conditions

  • Lace holes are very small and laces cannot move freely
  • Heavier than some rival pairs 

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