Best Boots For Paramedics

If you work as a paramedic, you spend a lot of the day on your feet, and you know that it's pretty important that your boots are up to the task. Safety is very important when you have lives to save, so non-slip soles are essential. After all, you will have to walk on all kinds of different surfaces from slippery mud to wet grass and from rocky paths to icy concrete, so having excellent traction is vital. 

As EMS boots also need to stand up to a lot of wear and tear, you'll need to make sure that you choose a pair that are made of durable materials and with strong soles that can stand up to the job at hand. The best boots for paramedics will offer plenty of support to the feet and ankles while offering optimal comfort for long days spent standing and walking. 

If you are looking for quality boots for paramedics, we have compiled a selection of the top five performing pairs of EMS boots on the market so that you can easily compare all their features at a glance and see instantly which is the right pair to suit your individual requirements.

When you're looking for the perfect boots for paramedics, these strong boots from Bates are ideal. Their lightweight construction means that you won't suffer from excess fatigue, even when on your feet all day, and yet they are durable and tough enough to enjoy a long lifespan and to protect against excessive wear and day from daily use. 

The strong rubber outer soles have been designed to be resistant to both oil and slips so that you can walk safely on all kinds of surfaces including ice, mud and wet grass. 

This footwear also features a comfortable padded collar to add support and comfort for the ankle and the Velcro strap and side zipper makes pulling these boots on and off a breeze. 

With their smart and professional appearance, these boots are also the ideal choice for work wear, offering safety and comfort and enabling for ease of movement in an emergency.

  • Side zipper and Velcro strap allows for easy dressing and undressing
  • Padded collar for extra support and comfort for the ankle
  • Strong rubber non-slip outer soles for walking on all kinds of surfaces safely

  • Noisy when walking on linoleum floors
  • Limited arch support for those with high arches

Working as a paramedic can be very demanding on the feet, however these tactical boots are an ideal choice thanks to their many excellent features. With their smart and professional appearance, they complement any uniform and the leather uppers are polishable for even greater appeal. 

The leather is also combined with durable and breathable textile and the lining is breathable and moisture wicking to keep your feet cool and dry even on the hottest days of the year. These boots have been designed to last a long time while offering a superior level of performance. 

The integrated shock mitigation system in the midsoles reduces and even eliminates the problems of foot pain and fatigue thanks to the efficient energy return and shock absorption features, and the outer soles are slip resistant to improve your safety when walking on all types of surfaces. Your feet will remain comfortable and dry when you choose these boots, and the convenient side zip ensures that they are even quick and easy to put on and take off.

  • Polishable leather uppers for a smart appearance
  • Slip resistant soles ideal for walking on all surfaces
  • Moisture wicking and breathable lining for protection from sweat

  • Laces are very stiff and also very short
  • These boots have hooks at the top of the laces instead of eyelets and sometimes the laces may slip off

If you work in the emergency services, you know the importance of slip resistant soles so that you can work safely on wet, rocky and icy surfaces. These boots hit the spot with their durable slip and oil resistant outer soles that are perfect for wear in all conditions. 

The uppers are made from nylon and leather and have a smart and professional looking appearance that complements any uniform, while the cushioned collar offers additional support for the ankle while adding extra comfort. 

These boots are surprisingly lightweight, meaning that your feet will not suffer from excess fatigue, even when on your feet all day, and the fiberglass shank offers excellent support for the foot. 

Thanks to the side zipper and the quick lacing tunnel loop system, these boots are easy to take off and put on in a hurry, and the cushioning ensures that you will stay comfortable on the job.

  • Slip and oil resistant soles offering excellent traction on all surfaces
  • Side zipper and quick lacing tunnel loop system for speedy dressing and undressing
  • Cushioned collar offers support and comfort for the ankle

  • These boots are not waterproof
  • Narrower fit than average

Ideal for EMS workers, these work boots from Rocky have been designed to be resistant to slips and also resistant to punctures - ideal for wear on all kinds of slippery or dangerous surfaces which may be encountered on a day to day basis by paramedics. 

These boots are also completely waterproof, making them ideal for wear in all weather conditions and on all surfaces, guaranteeing that your feet will remain dry during your working day. This footwear is also EH rated and features a composite safety toe cap to protect against accidental electric shocks or impacts for extra versatility and safety for the wearer. 

The uppers are made from durable quality leather, and as an extra touch they include small reflective elements to improve safety when working on night shifts. The non metallic zipper allows for ease of wear and quick dressing and undressing in an emergency. 

With their attractive design, they complement your uniform while ensuring that your feet remain completely comfortable all day long.

  • Waterproof to keep your feet dry in all weather conditions
  • EH rated and featuring a composite safety toe cap for extra safety
  • Reflective elements for better safety when working at night

  • Limited airflow means that feet can get very warm on hot days
  • Lower lace loops are made from fabric and can tear easily

If you need to dress and undress speedily in an emergency situation, these boots from the high quality Red Wing brand are ideal thanks to their pull on design. 

Thanks to their Goodyear Welt construction they are extremely durable and the outer soles are non marking and resistant to chemicals, gas, oil and slips for excellent traction on all kinds of surfaces. 

The insoles are cushioned for extra comfort and can be removed to suit the preference of the wearer while the uppers are manufactured from robust and attractive Cordura leather for a smart appearance. 

The strong shank offers impressive stability while the toes are effectively protected by a safety steel toe cap. These boots are also completely waterproof to keep the feet dry in all weathers.

  • Waterproofed to keep the feet dry in all weathers
  • Safety steel toe cap to protect against accidental impacts
  • Non marking chemical, gas, oil and slip resistant soles


  • As these boots are not breathable the feet can become very warm on hot days 

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