5 Best Work Boots For Wide Feet

There are many jobs that require a sturdy pair of work boots. Some jobs where work boots may be required include factories, construction, outdoor job opportunities, etc. The importance of proper footwear in these occupations cannot be understated. The right pair can do more than just protect your toes. Other dangers that the proper footwear can shield individuals from include exposed nails, extreme temperatures, and electrical charges, and slippery surfaces.

An additional concern to consider when selecting the best work boots for your needs is comfort. There are few things more distracting and uncomfortable than poorly fitted boots. The right work boots can give your feet the support they need throughout the day. This is especially true of those individuals with wide feet. 

If you are a person with wide feet, the selection of appropriate work boots is even more fundamental. Given the importance of selecting the right work boots, you might wonder how one should go about choosing the best pair. Is it best to focus on brand or price? How does one choose a size if they have wide, irregular, or half size feet? Here are some tips and reviews of the best work boots for wide feet on the market.

This work boot is one of the best constructed and most comfortable on the market. Some of its features include extra-wide steel toe protection, waterproof premium tight-grained leather construction (this tough boot keeps your feet dry and can take withstand harsh weather/environmental conditions). 

You will find also slip resistant and tough abrasion rubber sole, anti-puncture arch shield, antimicrobial lining, electrical hazard protection, and a removable nylon mesh sock liner as well as a polyurethane footbed for comfort and joint support.

In terms of safety and comfort, this top-of-the-line work boot cannot be beat. With its extra spacious steel toe, anti-puncture plate, nylon shank, anti-shock protection, and slip and oil-resistant soles, this boot brings safety to an all-new level. If you need a boot with lots of safety features, these work boots will make you feel assured. 

One issue to consider is that these boots take longer than usual to break in, which might prove to be a significant drawback for consumers. However, its roomier than normal safety toe and soft internal sock liner help prevent blisters, which is a big selling point. Comfort is a primary concern, especially when working long shifts on your feet.

In terms of durability and cost, these work boots are built for extreme work conditions so frequent replacement will not be an issue. With its rugged leather uppers and extremely durable abrasion-resistant rubber sole, Timberland Pro work boots are built to last. Durability is an essential aspect in difficult and extreme work environments. 

Timberland Pro Pitboss work boots are reasonably priced. They are tough, durable, long-lasting, and affordable, all of which makes it a great value and option to consider.

This work boot is one of the most comfortable and lightweight around. Some of its features include uber warmth, minimal break-in time (thanks to premium soft full-grained leather), super lightweight, option of a composite (non-metallic) or alloy safety toe (safeguards your toes and makes boots lightweight).

It includes also cement construction (comfortable yet flexible work boots), oil, slip, and abrasion-resistant rubber sole, as well as a mesh, antimicrobial lining for odor control and comfort. The best feature of all might be the 30-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with these work boots, you can get your money back!

In terms of safety and cost, this work boot offers benefits as well as drawbacks. It is a major benefit that these boots are available in steel toe, composite toe, soft toe, or alloy toe. Simply select the appropriate toe protection for your industry and you can be confident around the work site. 

However, a drawback to consider is that these boots have been known to become slippery when exposed to ice and snow. Therefore, if your job involves dealing with slippery surfaces, this is a work boot to avoid. These work boots have a wide price range, depending on the choice of safety toe. Given that it is one of the most comfortable, lightweight work boots on the market, that price is not ridiculous. 

However, the boot's drawbacks should give a buyer pause at that price. Another potential drawback to consider is the boot's lack of durability. If you need a work boot with resilience and endurance, look elsewhere. Another benefit of this work boot is its rubber sole, which does its job in terms of slip and oil-resistance (as long as slippery surfaces are not an issue), and its abrasion-proof properties are also a plus to consider. 

This work boot is one of the best all-rounders available on the market. Meaning, it holds its own in terms of safety features, insulation, water-resistance, and comfort. It covers all the basics at a great price, but all aspects are standard as opposed to top-of-the-line. 

If you are in need of an all-round work boot, but desire a budget-conscious option, this pair of work boots might be the ticket. In terms of durability and cost, these work boots are winners on both fronts. 

The Caterpillar brand is synonymous in the construction industry with high quality products. Moreover, the high level of workmanship used to construct these boots is evident via their Goodyear welt construction. 

These boots are made to last. Perhaps one of the best aspects of these work boots is the affordable price, which is exceptional value for such a high quality, all-rounder work boot.

4. Keen Utility Men'sMilwaukee WP Wide Work Boot

The Keen Utility Men's Milwaukee WP Wide Work Boot is also among the best work boots options for people with wide feet, as Keen is known for being a reputable brand when it comes to work boots that you can use from beaches to mountains to city streets since it has proved to be a reliable companion.

The Keen Utility Men's Milwaukee WP Wide Work Boot offers a lot of great features like providing Oil / slip-resistant non-marking outsole, waterproof full-grain leather upper. Also it provides abrasion-resistant, Tough-Tec leather; locking metal hooks and lacing eyelets.

The roomy steel toe protection will offer comfort and helps make you feel at ease, also the rubber sole will contribute to making it feel lightweight which in turn will not annoy you while performing your job. Keen believes that it's their own mission to make you enjoy the outdoors and hard work conditions without sacrificing your safety and comfort.

This work boot is one of the best insulated and waterproof on the market. In fact, these boots are guaranteed 100% waterproof and the high insulation properties of these boots will keep you warm, even in sub-freezing weather conditions.

Some of the other features of this work boot include a triple reinforced toe, quadruple reinforced heel, steel shank for additional arch support, stretch fit top-line (creates a snug fitting seal for waterproofing), and kick rim for easy removal. 

The heavy insulation properties of these boots may also present a drawback, depending on one's occupation and working conditions. If you work in extreme heat, steer clear of these boots.

In terms of comfort, safety, durability, and cost, these work boots have all the bases covered. MuckBoots have mastered their internal moisture-wick system and are known to last for years. If you are in need of waterproof, comfy, and durable work boots with tons of support, look no further.

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