5 Best Pull On Work Boots

Sometimes lace-up work boots just aren't practical. Welders in need of protective work boots may find that the laces on lace-up work boots can catch an errant spark, and ranchers may find that boot laces have a tendency to get caught in barbed wire fences. Even when laces don't pose a potential hazard in the work environment, they will eventually wear out or tear, requiring replacement. 

Whether running behind in getting ready for work or getting home after a long day at the job site or out in the field, pull-on work boots simplify the process of getting ready for work or getting ready to relax after a hard day's work without the hassle of tying or untying boot laces. 

Whether for convenience or to prevent injuries on the work site, only the best pull on work boots can hold up to the challenges and long hours of hard-working men and women who don't want or need the hassles of lace-up work boots.

Wolverine Marauder Multishox Waterproof Steel Toe Boot
 For boots rugged enough to handle the elements and handsome enough to wear into the office or out on the town, the Marauder Multishox Waterproof Steel Toe boot by Wolverine delivers with stately cinnamon colored full-grain leather uppers that are fully waterproof to keep your feet dry in wet conditions.  

Two hundred grams of insulation will keep feet warm in wintry conditions while the mesh lining helps keep feet dry and comfortable when it's warm outside.  

Removable gel insoles work in conjunction with the compression pads on the rubber outsoles and flexible nylon shank to provide the most comfortable experience possible during the course of the work day without compromising on offering stellar traction in slick conditions

Even with the steel toe cap, the roomy toe box permits ample space for wider feet. Wolverine's Marauder Multishox Waterproof Steel Toe boots enjoy an aggregate rating of 4.9 out of 5 and are only available in men's sizes. 

Blundstone's BL552 work boot

 Style doesn't have to come at the expense of comfort or safety on the job. Blundstone's BL552 work boot has a heat-formed heel as part of a shock-absorbing system to reduce stress on the back and lower joints while standing or walking, making this an ideal work boot for workers with back, knee or foot conditions

The cushioning insoles of these boots, which can be removed to be replaced with orthopedic insoles for extra comfort, wick moisture away from feet and out of the breathable and stylish moss green suede leather uppers to keep feet comfortable and dry throughout the work day. 

While the uppers are not waterproof, the polyurethane outsoles will grip nearly any surface to prevent slips in slick conditions. Pull tabs on the front and back of the shank's top and the supple leather lining make putting these boots on or taking them off incredibly simple. The BL552 work boots by Blundstone hold a solid 4.8 out of 5 rating and are only available in men's sizes. 

 Should a more classic style of pull on boot be desired, the Rigger work boot by Dr. Martens Work emulates the Wellington style of boot with the added protection of a steel toe cap in a spacious toe box. 

The trademark air-cushioned outsoles protect feet against slipping on slick surfaces as well as electrical hazards, oil, acid, and alkali spills while cushioned insoles support the natural contours of the wearer's feet throughout the work day. 

With the leather uppers available in satiny black, distressed caramel, or umber, style-conscious workers will have little trouble coordinating their work boots with the rest of their work attire nor feel uncomfortable with wearing these boots during casual outings after work. 

Despite not being insulated, the padding in the shaft of the boots will help keep feet warm in cold weather conditions as well as prevent the shaft of the boots from chafing the wearer's calves. Dr. Martens Work's Rigger boots boast a 4.8 out of 5 rating and are available in men's and women's sizes. 


 The iconic look of cowboy boots meets the practicality of work boots with the Rambler Work Pull-On boot by Ariat. With clay brown uppers and chocolate brown shafts made of full-grain leather that has been given a weathering treatment, these boots have the look of a broken-in pair of boots straight out of the box. 

A patented insole system and forked composite shank allow for a flexible boot that requires very little break-in time and feels similar to wearing an athletic shoe as opposed to a work boot. 

In addition to adding a distinctive touch to the style of the boot, the square toe box provides more toe room than most cowboy style work boots. Thick soles resist slipping and oil with treads that channel liquids out of the soles to prevent tracking liquids after walking through them. 

As is the case with most cowboy style boots, these boots are generally considered to run approximately one size larger than most shoes. Ariat's Rambler Work Pull-On boots hold a 4.7 out of 5 rating and are only available in men's sizes. 

Sometimes the hazards of the job site are nature-related as opposed to chemical hazards. Workers whose jobs involve walking through snake-infested areas or areas with thorny shrubbery will appreciate the protective qualities of the 17" Vipercloth Snake Boot by Chippewa

Light yet durable outsoles and a triple ribbed steel shank offer stable footing without the risk of slipping on nearly any terrain while the soft leather lining and cushioned insoles make these boots incredibly comfortable and supportive, even on all-day treks through the woods. 

Buckle closures at the ankle and top of the boot allow the wearer to adjust the fit of the boot and have hardware that will not become discolored from exposure to the elements.  

Handsome tawny leather uppers contrast with olive green cloth shafts made with a patented fabric that protects against snake bites as well as thorn-bearing plants while turning heads when worn in town. Chippewa's 17" Vipercloth Snake Boots have earned a respectable aggregate rating of 4.6 out of 5 and are only available in men's sizes.

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