Best Winter and Cold Weather Work Boots

Whether winter weather in your area means several feet of snow, several inches of freezing rain or anything in-between, keeping your feet protected during the winter months requires the absolute best winter work boots. 

What elevates winter work boots above the rest on the market is insulation that keeps your feet warm whether you're hard at work or taking a rest without feeling bulky, also uppers that resist tears just as well as they resist the elements. 

Good work boots require outsoles that won't leave you skidding or falling on unexpected icy patches, and a style that leaves room for the toes to move freely, even when wearing thick wool socks. 

The feet are one of the areas of the body most likely to first be affected by frostbite due to the distance between the heart and the feet, and once frostbite has set in, hypothermia usually follows closely behind. As such, wearing high-quality winter work boots when out in wintry conditions is absolutely crucial to your health and safety as well as comfort while working outdoors.

While not the most stylish boots on the market, Apex Extreme Cold Winter Boots by Baffin Technology cannot be beat for keeping your feet warm in extremely cold weather with a temperature rating of -148°F. The interior of these boots are comprised of eight layers and a  Baffin Men's Apex Insulated Bootwaffle-style insole to ensure moisture control and insulation while keeping your feet comfortable and supported.  

Rubber outsoles provide grip in slick or icy conditions without cracking in subzero temperatures and provide stable footing on rocky ground. 

With a weight of 42 ounces, these boots can begin to feel heavy after long periods of wear but are still lighter than similar mid-calf boots on the market. 

The leather and rugged nylon uppers provide additional protection from cold and wet environments, and the hook lace-up system allows the wearer to adjust the fit of the boot shaft to their calves. 

Baffin Technology's Apex Extreme Cold Winter Boots average a 4.75 out of 5 rating across various retail sites and are only available in men's sizes.

For the consumer who loathes the idea of having to choose between warm feet in extreme weather and stylish boots, Elk Tracker 860 boots by Irish Setter offer protection against the cold down to -100ºF with handsome deep brown leather uppers. 

Irish Setter Men's Elk Tracker WP Insulated Boot
Nylon lining within the boots draw moisture away from the wearer's feet, and the silver-ion treated memory foam insoles not only provide supreme comfort and foot support but prevent odor-causing bacteria from building up within the boots.

Steel shanks and tacky rubber traction lugs lined up at the center of the outsole paired with carbon rubber treads offer secure footing on even the slickest surfaces, deep snowdrifts and rough terrain. 

However, weighing in at 4 pounds and 1 ounce, these boots may feel more like ankle weights by the end of a long work day. Irish Setter's Elk Tracker 860 boots are truly a perennial favorite with a typical rating of 4.7 out of 5 and are only available in men's sizes. 

Sometimes outdoor elements aren't the only workplace hazards your feet face throughout a

workday. To protect against not only rain, sleet and snow but oils, chemicals and bodily fluids, Steel Toe Bekina Thermolite Winter Boots by Viking are ideal for keeping your feet and lower legs warm and protected. 
Bekina Thermolite Polyurethane Boot
The ultra-durable polyurethane uppers repel fluids without adding bulk, and the spacious shaft allows room for wool socks and tucked-in pant legs. 

The flexible cement outsoles feature treads that channel debris that may otherwise affect the non-slip performance of these boots out of the treads while the generously sized steel shanks and shock-absorbing heels permit comfortable movement at the job site. 

The microfoam polyurethane insulation protects feet from temperatures down to -40°F without weighing the boots or the wearer down. 

While these boots are excellent for work conditions where chemical-resistant footwear is a necessity, the pull-on style of these boots may not be ideal for those with narrow feet, ankles, or calves. Viking's Steel Toe Bekina Thermolite Winter Boots have not yet been rated and are only available in men's sizes. 

Winter work boots aren't of much use to have if they're not comfortable to wear throughout the day. Wildcat Pro Lace-up Boots by L.L. Bean provide the feel of sneakers in a waterproof work boot that will keep feet warm in wintry weather down to -35°F

The outsole treads give excellent grip on slick surfaces while the flexibility of the outsoles help make for boots ready to wear to work right from the box without having to break them in first. 

L.L.Bean Men's Wildcat Boots, Pro Black Medium
Tawny full-grain leather uppers stylishly repel both wetness and the cold in conjunction with a mesh fabric liner. 

With side panels reinforcing the shaft of the boots and a light weight that won't feel like a burden on the ankles by the end of a work shift, these boots are ideal for active winter work days. 

L.L. Bean's Wildcat Pro Lace-up Boots are generally rated about 4.7 out of 5 and are available in men's and women's sizes.

With a design that won't look out of place at the work place or out on the town, the Bugaboot Plus II Omni-Heat by Columbia will protect your feet from rain, snow, and sleet without feeling

weighted down. The leather uppers are waterproofed and remain waterproof even after years of wear without additional waterproofing treatments. 
Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus II Omni-Heat Snow Boot
Despite a pair of these boots weighing in at a mere 24 ounces, these boots keep your feet warm whether you're in motion or standing still at temperatures down to -25°F without the boots feeling bulky or heavy as the day progresses.

 While nothing on the market can guarantee against any skids or slips on ice, the traction provided with the outsoles on these boots make the likelihood of slips or skids far less likely.

Columbia's Bugaboot Plus II Omni-Heat winter work boots enjoy high ratings on various sites with an aggregate average rating of 4.4 out of 5 and are available in men's and women's sizes.

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