Best Work Boots For Electricians Guide

Electricians need protective footwear that is designed specifically for the kind of electrical hazards that they face as a part of their job. Standard protective footwear simply is not up to the job. However, electrical hazard ratings are not the only thing that an electrician should pay attention to. It is important to look for boots that are durable, hard-wearing, comfortable and suitable for the types of surface that the electrician will frequently work on. 

Here is a look at some of the best work boots for electricians:

Wolverine Hudson W02194

The Wolverine brand is one of the best work boot brands on the market today, and the Hudson W02194 is one of the best work boots for electricians because it is comfortable and rugged while still quite smart looking. 

It features steel toes, is electrical hazard certified, and has oil resistant soles, making it the ideal work boot for any situation. The leather upper is hard-wearing and wearers report that the shoe can last for as long as two years before wear and tear sets in.

Keen Utility: Sheridan Insulated Boots

Keen Utility specialize in making industrial strength boots for everyone from assembly line workers to construction workers and electricians. These rubber-soled work boots are made to exceed the ASTM Mark II standards for electrical hazards and also feature waterproof but breathable uppers and slip and oil resistant soles.

They are generally hardwearing, but the light construction and waterproofing means that they are not quite as resilient as, say, Dr Martens. However, for situations where waterproofing matters they are certainly one of the best choices.


The above are just a handful of the choices that are available for electricians in the market for new work boots. There are many other companies that make protective boots for electricians, and you should try a few different boots until you find the ones that suit you best.

Remember that the best protective equipment is the equipment that you feel comfortable wearing. If you find yourself tempted to slip on training shoes because your work boots are too stiff or too tight then those boots are useless to you. 

Other popular brands include Caterpillar and Carolina. Each brand caters to a specific audience, with some offering heat protection, others insulated linings, water proofing, steel toe caps or lightweight construction depending on the industry they are targeting.

Before you purchase a pair of work boots, talk to your employer to see if they have an approved supplier. Depending on your location, you may find that employment law requires the people you work for to provide you with personal protective equipment, or at the very least financial help to buy your own equipment. 

Buy the best equipment that you can fit into your budget. The equipment will keep you comfortable, protect you from injury, and may even potentially save your life. You owe it to yourself to look after your body and make sure you are always wearing gear that is comfortable, high quality and in a good state of repair.

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