Best Slip On Work Boots

If you work outdoors or in a workshop or garage where you are surrounded by heavy objects, chemicals, or potential fire hazards then you should make an effort to take good care of your feet. Your employer will most likely provide you with some personal protective equipment (PPE), or a budget to buy your own.  

Most work boots on the market today are lace-up boots, but not everyone likes wearing lace-up boots, and even if you do, think about how much time you waste putting the boots on and removing them.

Slip-on work boots offer just as much protection as traditional boots, and are far more convenient. Many people find them more comfortable too. Here are a few of the best slip on work boots on the market today.

The Timberland Pro Titan Safety Toe Boots

  • They are perhaps the best slip on work boots for people who work outdoors and need light protective wear. 

  • They break-in quickly, look good enough that you could wear them while you are out shopping or engaged in other leisure activities, and they have very good grips. 

  • They are weather, oil and abrasion resistant, and fairly light on your feet. However, they are not strong enough for industrial use.

The Revolver Work Boots from Caterpillar

  • They are the best slip on work boots for heavy duty construction work and for people that work on electrical slights. 

  • These boots boast Goodyear welt construction and are incredibly lightweight, but fit snuggly. 

  • They take a while to break in, but they are incredibly durable and offer protection that you can depend on.

The Timberland Pro Helix Chelsea ESD boots

  • They are some of the most luxurious, good looking and durable work boots that you can find today. 

  • They feature a full grain leather construction and the mesh lining inside the boots is antimicrobial. 

  • These boots are firm and durable, but they are more for joiners and painters than for people who work on dangerous construction sites. 

  • The high quality construction and glamorous appearance is let down by the lack of a steel toe cap.

The Carhartt CMS4100

  • This is a great work boot for people who want boots that can do double duty. 
  • These boots protect you from everyday hazards and have good grips and a durable upper. 
  • These boots should last the wearer for many years if they are used indoors or for light construction activity. 
  • They are ideal for a supervisor that alternates between spending time in the office (where they must look smart) and spending time walking around a site. 
  • However, they do not offer the level of protection of, say, the Caterpillar Revolver boots.


As you can see there are a lot of different work boots to choose from. Make sure that the boots you purchase fit you well and that they are comfortable enough to wear for the full duration of a working day. 

Do not skimp when it comes to personal protective equipment, and confirm that the boots you are considering buying are actually suitable for the hazards that you will face. Welders will need boots that are non-flammable, and electricians will need boots that have soles designed to protect the wearer from electrical hazards.

Oil and water resistant boots are important in some environments, and almost every construction worker or person spending a lot of time in a workshop will need steel toe caps.

Try on a few different work boots until you find a set that suits your needs, and talk to your employer to see if they have an approved supplier or someone who offers discounts for people buying Personal Protective Equipment.

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