3 Of The Best Cheap Work Boots On The Market Reviews

“Cheap”, “Quality”, and “Work boots” may not seem like four words that are ever found together, but if you know where to look, they’re actually available in abundance. 

Manufacturers of work boots understand that many modern consumers equate quality to price. Thus, they feel justified charging a bunch of money for boots that might not have cost near as much to produce.

Customers will still buy the boots because they don’t believe there’s such a thing as cheap, quality work boots. Luckily, not all manufacturers are so greedy. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of high-quality work boots that are cheap and will last for a long time. 

Many of these boots come from manufacturers you are likely already familiar with, such as Timberland, Wolverine, and Lehigh. If you’re interested in finding the best cheap work boots, then keep on reading through the suggestions below to find what you’re looking for.


Timberland was mentioned as one of the reputable brands selling cheap, quality work boots. Timberlands have always been the affordable option for people seeking high-quality work boots that can survive the toughest environments. Their Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss is a great example of an affordable work boot that’s worth the money.
Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss

As usual, Timberland focuses on two important qualities when designing their work boots: comfort and traction. This is on top of their many other concerns, such as durability and style

Men who work for hours on their feet every day understand the importance finding a work boot that has superior traction and comfort. Traction keeps them from slipping and hurting themselves, while the comfort keeps them on their feet for longer without pains and aches.

The Timberland Pitboss utilizes the Timberland PRO 24/7 Comfort Suspension System. It likely gets the name from the fact that you can stand for 24 hours on these boots and stay comfortable. 

That’s what makes them such a perfect, cheap work boot for any guy who works on their feet all day long. They’re also electrical resistant, which makes them safe in a variety of hazardous environments. A few important features of the Timberland Pitboss are rubber roles, antimicrobial lining, and oiled nubuck leather, which is there to keep the feet comfortable.

Another cheap work boot produced by Timberland is the Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance work boot.This boot was designed with the customer in mind from stage one. It provides superior support to the entire foot through long days of work. It features collars with extra padding for all-day comfort. The inside of the boot is lined with camarilla to keep moisture wiped away. Finally, there’s an ASTM-approved steel toe to keep your toes safe in any work environment.

Timberland PRO Men's 52562 Endurance 6" PR Work Boot


Wolverine is another well-known manufacturer of cheap work boots. There Men’s Excess Durashock Wedge-Heel boot is a great example of what an affordable work boot should look and feel like. Without a doubt, it’s one of the top work boots on the market, even without taking its price into consideration.

Wolverine Men's Excess Durashock Wedge-Heel 10"  Boot
This quality, cheap work boot is entirely slip resistant. This keeps the wearer safe in potentially dangerous environments. Their direct attach molding method seals the shoe and prevents any water from entering. 

An interesting addition is the fiberglass shank, which is there to stabilize than foot. It weighs about 75 percent less than the traditional steel toe.

As you can see, there are plenty of cheap work boots available for the average working man. Timberland is definitely the go-to brand for affordable work boots, but Wolverine is another great option if steel toes just aren’t the right fit for you.

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