Best Work Boots for Concrete

If you spend a lot of time working on building sites, around heavy equipment and machinery, or in an otherwise dangerous environment then it is imperative that you wear appropriate safety equipment. Finding boots that are safe and comfortable is not always easy.

Your employer may demand that you wear steel toed boots, and if they do then you should comply with this rule, because it is there for your safety. Steel toed boots will protect your feet from falling objects. 

Concrete slabs are incredibly heavy, and if one lands on your foot when you are wearing normal shoes (or, worse, trainers) you could end up suffering permanent damage to your feet. Listed below are reviews of five of the best work boots for working on concrete floors.

Work Boots For Working & Walking On Concrete Floors

These work boots have been specifically created for the man who spends long hours on his feet, especially on a concrete terrain. We actually recommend these boots as they are the best option if you work with concrete and at construction sites.

With its patented anti-fatigue technology, the boot features a system that absorbs shock and then disperses it to specific foot points so the feet stay pain-free and energized all day long. 

These boots are not only one of the most comfortable to wear, they also feature an increased level of protection with slip-resistant soles and a steel toe that protects against electrical hazards. This work boot allows a man to prevent the foot injuries, pain and swelling that can occur when working long hours while standing.

Keen Utility Men’s Tacoma Steel Toe Work Boot

Steel toe boots are rarely ever comfortable. Steel is heavy and it makes for a poor day at work carrying around a hunk of steel inside your shoe. 

Not to mention, work boots are already pretty heavy, even without the addition of steel. The Tacoma steel toe boot by Keen is breathable, steel toe boot that tries to solve the problem of weight.

To remedy this problem, Keen has designed the steel inside the steel toe and removed a lot of the unnecessary material. 

Now, the steel only covers the area directly over the toe and not a large portion of the boot itself. This causes this to be one of the lightest steel toe boots on the market and one of the most stylish.

The Durashock line of men's work boots is crafted to help men who work on hard surfaces while standing on their feet all day. 

With special compression padding in the heel and forepart of the foot, shock is absorbed as the pads are compressed.  These pads help to absorb the shock that would normally travel from the feet and up the legs. 

Along with increased comfort, these boots also offer supreme protection from slips and help to keep the foot stable in all types of terrain

Non Steel-Toed Work Boots Suitable For Walking On Concrete Floors In Case You Are Away From Falling Objects and Hazardous Conditions:

This work boot is perfect for unforgiving concrete floors with its EVA insole that surrounds the footbed in shock absorbing comfort. 

With Vibram soles, men can feel confident in having full traction so they do not slip and fall on the job. These Red Wing boots feature their signature Goodyear welt construction so their durability will not fade. 

Made with supple leather, these boots are as comfortable as they are stylish. Men who wear these boots find they experience less foot fatigue, and foot and leg pain than other boots in the same class.

This Irish Setter boot features a unique wedged sole that is especially beneficial for those who work long hours on their feet. 

With the wedge design, there is less pressure on the heel and ball of the feet so men feel much more comfortable with less foot fatigue. 

This boot features three layers of support with a removable insole and an EVA midsole that helps to absorb shock and transfer the energy where it is needed most. 

The beautifully distinct red russet leather makes these boots look as good as they feel.


The best work boots for concrete are ones that have good grips, steel toes, and an upper shoe that is hardwearing and easy to clean. If you are handling concrete mix there is always the risk that some may splash onto the shoe, so you should look for leather boots (or a leather-like synthetic mix) that will be easy to wipe clean and that will stay soft and durable. 

The lining of the shoe should be thick enough that you hardly notice the steel toe cap while you are wearing the shoe. If you are acutely aware of the steel toe cap, then you could end up with blisters or bruising on your feet, and this will make it difficult for you to do your job.

You should make sure that your steel toed boots fit you properly. Unlike standard shoes and trainers, steel toed work boots do not stretch very much. This means that unlike when you are shopping for regular shoes, you cannot bank on the shoe breaking in and becoming more comfortable.

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