Best Construction Work Boots

Shopping for construction work boots is not something that should be taken lightly. Your boots are more than just fashionable items that cover your feet. If you buy the best construction work boots that you can afford then they could potentially last with you for several projects, offering comfort and protection as you move from site to site. Durable, sturdy and comfortable boots are not easy to find, however.

Construction workers spend a lot of time on their feet. For this reason, it is a good idea to buy boots that offer padding and support for your feet. Just as you would by trainers that support the arch of your feet, you should look for boots that allow your feet to remain stable and move freely. A boot that is too stiff could leave you with uncomfortable blisters. 

In addition to allowing your feet to move comfortably, you should look for boots that have cushioned (but fairly firm) soles. The soles should have good grips that allow you to walk around in mud, wet environments and on a wide range of surfaces, but the insole should be soft enough to stop you from feeling fatigue when you spend a lot of the day on your feet.

Most work boots are waterproof. It is common for work boots to be made of leather, but there are synthetic uppers available for people who prefer to avoid leather shoes. Try to find a material that is waterproof, but make sure that the inside of the shoe wicks sweat away. You will be wearing your shoe for long periods of time and sweaty feet can get quite uncomfortable. 

When you are working on a building site, you will be exposed to a number of hazards, including heavy machinery and heavy objects. For this reason steel toe capped boots are your best option, however we've included a couple of soft toe boots in case your work is away from falling objects and hazardous situations. It is important to note that steel toe capped boots do not stretch very much with wear, so you should make sure they fit properly when you buy them. 

Do not count on being able to "break them in" like you would do with your normal shoes. Consider buying your usual size, but in a slightly wider fit, for optimal comfort. You can always add an extra insole or padded heel support for extra comfort if you are not completely happy with how the shoe fits.

These work boots from Timberland offer great protection for the feet during hazardous working condition. They have a synthetic sole that is designed to be slip-resistant and offer traction in slippery work conditions. 

The boot has a steel-toe that meets ANSI safety standards to keep feet safe and the toe box is roomier than many other options to eliminate toe rubbing and blisters. 

It's made of leather with a polyurethane midsole to wick away moisture and absorb shock to protect feet from fatigue during a long day of work. This boot should work well in many different working conditions as the rubber outsole is resistant to oil and abrasions while also offering protection from electrical hazards.

This caterpillar boot offers a steel-toe design for protection in very hazardous working conditions. The boots are made of leather for long-term use without wearing out. The outsole offers a stable surface for working in many different conditions and made of oil-resistant rubber. 

It has hex shaped grommets and speed lacing to put boots and remove them quickly and easily. The round toe design offers space and comfort for the toe to prevent pain and rubbing. 

The boot should work well for many types of work and should keep feet comfortable all day due to the supportive insole and plush collar and tongue.

Skechers may be a lesser known name in the work boot market, but they offer an affordable option that is durable and safe for many working conditions. This particular boot has a steel-toe design to protect the toes from hazards. 

The boot has a tall shaft for support and a memory form insole to help support the arch and give comfort through long work hours. This boot is made of leather with a relaxed fit and has a rubber sole to offer a no-slip base in slippery conditions. 

This boot is great for a variety of demanding jobs as it also has electrical hazard protection and meets OSHA non-slip requirements. 

Caterpillar is known for making quality equipment and great boots for those who are working with all that heavy machinery. These boots are made of leather and have hex shaped grommets with speed lacing.

The synthetic sole is made of oil-resistant material to offer grip and also has treads for support while in slippery conditions. The boot has a soft-toe design and a padded collar for comfort. The boot also has a high shaft to offer ankle support and stability for long hours of wear. 

The nylon sockliner helps keep feet dry and comfortable even in the hottest working environments. With a Goodyear welt construction this boot should last through many hours of physically demanding work.

These boots have the classic look of a work boot with durable leather construction. The sole is made of rubber and is water resistant and oil resistant to offer stability in slick work conditions. 

The shaft is around 7 inches taller than the arch which offers great ankle support and helps keep feet from getting tired. The insole offers cushioning and support for the arch. The boot has a soft toe and is designed to be durable with the Goodyear Welt construction.

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