A Guide To The Best Insoles For Work Boots

If you spend hours on your feet or a lot of time walking throughout the day, then you know the importance of having a comfortable shoe. The downsides of wearing a poor fitting shoe include blisters, hot spots, foot aches, bunions etc. The most important aspect of a shoe that determines its comfort and fit is of course, the insole. 

Insoles cushion and support your feet and arches which allow you to painlessly wear your footwear for hours. Therefore, if comfort is important to you – and it should be, then you need to be aware of the best types of insoles to purchase. There are many factors that need to be considered when purchasing an insole and the first one we will look at is comfort. 

If you consistently suffer from worn out feet or foot aches from extended periods of standing or walking, then this indicates that you need an insole that is shock absorbent. Worn out feet are usually caused by a lack of arch support, so you might have to also consider getting an insole that provides more support.
best insoles for work boots

The next tip is that before you purchase an insole, you need to test how it feels first. You can do this by simply balancing one or both of your feet on the insole. Eliminate all the insoles that feel uncomfortable or unbalanced. Once you have eliminated all the unsuitable insoles, test the remainder on the inside of your shoe. This is the only way to truly determine which insole is right for you and your feet.

The last tip for choosing an insole is to remember that one pair isn’t meant to last a lifetime! Insoles typically last between 10 to 12 months if used every day and need to be replaced at the end of their lifetime. If you continue to wear a worn out insole past its prime, then you will most likely experience foot aches and pain as before. Next, we will look at the different types of insoles available. The first is the insole that is dedicated to arch support. 

These types of insoles are meant for people who spend hours every day on their feet and are designed for work boots in particular. Arch support insoles help to support and prevent joint and foot pains while providing a solid base for your feet to support your body. The next type of insole is the high arched insole.

Many people have arches that are higher than others, which require an insole that is specifically designed to support them. A high arch is visible when the foot is flat on the floor but the arch remains off the floor. Lastly, we will look at insoles for planar fasciitis which is a condition that causes the heels of the foot to ache. 

This can be caused by age, weight gain or high activity levels. If you suffer from heel pain, then you will most likely need an insole designed specifically for planar fasciitis. In closing, the above tips will help you to buy the right insole for you and your feet. Once you have the right insole, foot pain will be a distant memory!

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