The Best Work Boots To Buy

The best work boots for you to buy are the work boots that make the most sense for your job. There are a million ways to buy work boots and enjoy them, but you are not going to find the right work boots until you have gone through a search that shows you all the kinds of work boots you could wear. Many people think that there is only one type of work boots, but that is not true at all. 

In fact, there are various types of work boots each serves a specific purpose with regards to job demands. For example, those work boots used by plumbers won't be the same as those used by roofers, landscapers, construction workers and etc. Since each type has its own safety measures and offers protection depending on the profession of the one who wear them.

It is actually better to think of work boots as boots that you purchased for other purposes and also wore to work. When you follow this logic, it would be much easier for you to get the boots that best suit your needs in terms of being comfortable and durable which in turn guarantees more safety and productivity at workplace.

Work Boots Have To Do Three Main Things:

  • Work boots have to be comfortable.   
  • Work boots have to fit right
  • Work boots have to be durable.  

If you are wearing work boots that do not fall into all three of these categories simultaneously, then you are doing something wrong. At the worst, your feet are going to hurt. Also, you might be injured at work and your feet might bear the brunt of whatever accident happens.

    1) The Comfort

    • Shoes that are designed for comfort are the shoes you have to wear at work. You can spend your money on shoes that look good, but you have to wear shoes that you enjoy wearing. If the shoes that you put on your feet do not feel padded or cushioned, they are not going to be helpful to you. Also, if you are wearing shoes that feel like they have no outsoles, you are not going to feel good wherever you walk. The facts are simple, uncomfortable shoes make you less productive. 

    • The comfort of a shoe is found in the padding of the insole, the thickness of the outsole and the construction of the upper. If the upper is made of soft yet thick leather, the shoe is going to be more comfortable. A thick leather shoe that has padding inside the upper is an even better choice because it gives you the chance to feel padding on both sides of your feet.

    • Also, the outsole must be substantial enough so that you do not feel every little thing on the ground as you are walking. When the shoes let you feel rocks and gravel, you will feel like you are in your bare feet all day. The outsole has to be so big that you cannot imagine feeling anything under your feet at any time. Also, the outsole has to have enough contouring to allow you to feel the shoe hit the ground and absorb the things that are small annoyances. The texture on the bottom of a serious work boot is going to prevent you from feeling anything that will slip into the grooves.

    2) The Fit

    • The fit of a work boot is just as important as the construction of the shoe itself. You may have found the most comfortable shoe in the whole world, but you cannot wear the shoe if it is not fitted to your foot correctly. The fit of the shoe is so important that it should stop you from buying the boots even if the boots are so perfect that you cannot turn away from them.

    • When you are putting the shoes on, you need to remember that the fit is important because it determines how the shoe goes on your foot. If the shoe is not fitted properly, the shoe will not go on your foot properly. Tight shoes will not fit onto your foot at all unless you force them on, and loose shoes will fit too easily. You can feel this when you put the shoe on. Before you ever stand up, you must evaluate whether or not the shoe is going to fit you when you begin walking.

    • Next, you need to stand up and see how the shoes feel when you are on your feet.  The shoe that is too tight will constrict your foot horribly. Also, little pressure points on your foot will begin to feel strange as you shift your weight. Shoes that are too loose will feel so loose that they may come off. Also, work boots that are too loose for your foot will begin to fall down around your foot. Unless every part of the shoe is molded completely, the leather will begin to fall down on your foot. When the leather falls down on your foot, you will find that you cannot walk comfortably because it feels like the shoe is in your way.

    • When you begin walking, you will feel how the shoe conforms to your foot as you walk.  You will feel the tight shoe constrict your foot. A shoe that is very tight will press into your toes and cause you pain and blistering because the leather is pressing directly on the tops of your toes. This is not only uncomfortable, but this is something that you cannot stand because it changes the way you walk.

    • Loose shoes will feel like they are falling off your foot when you are walking. If you are working extra hard to keep the shoes on your feet, you will feel miserable when you try to do your job. You should not have to expend any energy thinking about how the shoes fit or whether they are going to fall off your foot or not. 

      3) The Durability

      • Durable boots are very obvious from the outset. You have to look over the boots that you want to buy to see if they fit your ideals of how a boot should look. Also, the boot should look like it is made for the type of work that you do. You may find that you have to purchase a boot that is geared towards your work. However, you must pick the boot that has the most meat on its bones. Heavy boots tend to last longer, and you must make sure that you are going to be able to use the boots for so long that you forget how much they cost.

      • When you see a boot that looks like it belongs on a work site, you know that you have chosen the right kind of boot. Also, when you see a boot that looks like it could stand up to being run over by a car, then you have found the right boot. You must imagine the worst possible thing happening to your feet on the job, and you need to make sure that the boots are going to save them. If you feel like the boot is going to stand up to this kind of test, you should buy the boots and wear them happily.

      Other Things To Consider:

      You need to do more than finding boots that fit appropriately. You can wear great boots that satisfy all the conditions listed above, but you should also have boots that will look good when you leave work. You need to wear boots that can be cleaned. You need to wear boots that look good with casual clothes, and finally your boots should look like hiking boots. If you can do those three things, then you have a pair of boots that will suit you when you leave the job site.

      • Boots need to be cleanable so that you can clean them when you get home every day. Just as you clean your vehicle every time you go out, you must make sure your boots are cleaned when you arrive at your home every night. These boots can serve more than one purpose, but you could not be caught dead leaving the house in them if you are not cleaning them.

      • Also, your boots must look good with casual clothing. Think hard about your personal style before you buy. People have various preferences, so make sure you pick the one that best suit your style and taste.

      • You might need to get a pair of boots that will work if you decide to go hiking. If you cannot hike in the boots that you have purchased, there is no way you will be able to walk in them all day at work. This means that you will still be uncomfortable even though you already checked the fit and construction. 

      • You have to be good to your feet, or you will regret wearing bad shoes on day. This means that you have to take the comfort of the shoe very seriously. Shoes that are made for hiking are going to be much more conducive to doing work in a factory or job site where you spend all day on your feet. 

      • You need to avoid pain in your feet when you get home, and you can do this if you exert some effort when choosing the right boots to wear when you are on the job.


      You must remember that buying work boots is an investment in your future. People work hard every day on job sites trying to make a living, but wearing bad shoes can increase health problems, make you feel terrible and lower your life expectancy. If you are wearing shoes that hurt your feet, you won't be able to walk properly very soon.  

      The future version of you wants to walk around and play with the grandkids, but you won't be able to do that if you have abused your feet for years and years. Take the purchase of your work boots seriously to ensure that you walk comfortably to work and keep your feet healthy.